“San Francisco Police Department has released footage of two recent Apple store robberies in the Bay Area, which took place on November 25 and November 29 (respectively) in the vicinity of Chestnut Street in San Francisco,” Mix writes for TNW.

“The first video captures three perpetrators daringly walk in, grab whatever they can and swiftly storm out – and all of that in the window of less than 15 seconds. Similarly, the second clip catches four men perform the same maneuver with almost identical pace,” Mix writes. “In both cases, startled staff and customers merely watch the criminals make off with a bunch of gadgets in their hands.”

“Earlier in June, New York Police department reported that ballsy bandits have been dressing up as Apple employees to surreptitiously jack iPhones from its stores,” Mix writes. “In October, iPhone thieves in Natick swiped $13,000 worth of goods from another Apple store based in Massachusetts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And all of the products they grabbed have been bricked by Apple, rendering them inoperative.

As usual, these criminals are stupid. Efficient e-waste generators? Yes. Criminal geniuses? No.

As we wrote back in October, “So, this’ll be great as soon as thieves understand that there’s no point in stealing devices from Apple retail locations. Until then, expect a bit more e-waste in trash bins around Apple locations.”

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