Gorgeous concept shows off Apple Watch Series 4’s big display

“The grand unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 4 could be just a couple weeks away and based on a new mock-up, you’re going to love the way it looks,” Buster Hein writes for Cult of Mac.

“Based on leaked info of Apple’s upcoming wearable,” Hein writes, “the gorgeous concept shows what the device will look like with its bigger, bezel-free display and rounded corners.”

Hein writes, “According to recent rumors, Apple Watch Series 4 will come in two sizes: 40mm and 45 mm. The current Series 3 version comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Larger displays, bigger batteries, advanced GPS, better sensors, and faster processors in essentially the same physical footprint – bring on Series 4!

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  1. LOVE my Apple Watch. Was scared that Apple would change the bands in the new one and make all my current ones worthless. I have the Model “0” and am VERY MUCH looking forward to updating to the 45″.

  2. That video is beautifully produced by obviously talented artists. That said, it is wrong to include Apple branding on it. Unless this video was produced at the behest of Apple, which does not appear to be the case, the use of Apple branding is a copyright infringement at best and an act of fraud when viewed in the worst light. The story make clear that the concept creation was derived from leaks and rumors; nothing more. The video, as part of the story, is seen for what it is: a mock up of what Apple may be preparing for us. Out of the context of the story, however, the video damage Apple if and when they introduce the real Series 4, and it does not meet the expectations of viewers of this video and thought it was a real ad from Apple. Still, I wish I could create renderings as beautiful as seen in that video.

  3. The Digital Crown will likely not rotate on the series 4. Rumors are that it will be stationary with haptic feedback making it seem as though it rotates.

  4. Ready to upgrade from Series 2. Cutting grass and shot a rock off a fence and back to the screen. Shattered lol well that was last summer. I’m ready!!

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