The 5 biggest changes in Apple’s new MacBook Pro

“Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pros may not be the radical revision that some have begged for, but they look to offer amazing gains,” Henry T. Casey reports for LAPTOP Magazine. “These notebooks not only have made a logical (and expected) leap forward, but certain new features may also bring users to a new promised land of faster, more productive work.”

Casey reports, “From increased speeds and storage to improved support for external enhancements, here’s what this year’s new MacBook Pros have to offer.”

The 5 biggest changes in Apple’s new MacBook Pro

• 8th-Gen Intel processors (up to Core i9)
• Twice the maximum storage and memory
• More color-accurate screens
• A (slightly) improved typing experience
• Improved accessory options

Each of the five points above detailed in the full article here.

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  1. Perfect example of the Apple Tax, a year late and 2x the cost.

    Blackmagic eGPU: contains Radeon Pro 580 GPU, costs $700, works only with Mac.

    Anyone who is doing desktop professional stuff with a Windows workstation could get the same GPU for $300 on up. Except of course the non-Apple solution also supports superior graphics protocols Vulkan and DirectX 12 as well as legacy OpenCL2 and Open GL4.5, and they have been available since April 2017 ….

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