Craig Federighi doesn’t see a touchscreen Mac in the future

“After taking on hosting duties for most of Monday’s WWDC keynote, Apple SVP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, sat down with Wired Tuesday for a wide-ranging interview covering the future of Mac and iOS apps, Apple’s iOS-to-Mac app porting tools, and universal multiplatform apps,” Jim Tanous writes for The Mac Observer. “Of particular interest however, considering its absence from the keynote, was Mac hardware, specifically touchscreens.”

We really feel that the ergonomics of using a Mac are that your hands are rested on a surface, and that lifting your arm up to poke a screen is a pretty fatiguing thing to do. I don’t think we’ve looked at any of the other guys to date and said, how fast can we get there? — Apple SVP Craig Federighi

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MacDailyNews Take: We never did, either.

Does it make more sense to be smearing your fingers around on your notebook’s screen or on a spacious trackpad that’s designed specifically and solely to be touched? Apple thinks things through more than other companies… The iPhone’s screen has to be touched; that’s all it has available. A MacBook’s screen does not have to be touched in order to offer Multi-Touch™. There is a better way: Apple’s way.MacDailyNews, March 26, 2009

To us longtime Apple watchers, Cupertino seems to be saying, “Multi-Touch on the screen only when trackpads are not part of the device.”MacDailyNews, November 19, 2008

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  1. An admittedly niche product that Apple could easily make and offer would be a large iOS Multi-Touch Desktop that tilts from flat to vertical and easel type angles in between. Bundle it with the Pencil and a nice Bluetooth Keyboard and power supply.

    It could address the same market as the Microsoft Surface Studio but with iOS applications on a high quality multi-touch easel. Apple could call it an iPad Studio and charge an arm and a leg for it.

    I would gladly order one for a desktop.

    Apple needs a device like this, but it should be built on iOS- not Mac OS.

    1. As iOS is the future, this is an idea that is actually something that might get made. At that size, it could also have the hardware required to enable FCPX AND Logic to perform well.

      I don’t even think you’re describing a niche, I think you’re describing a high end mass market device (pretty much most of what Apple makes).

  2. We’re issued Lenovo Yoga 460’s at work and I use my touchscreen daily. Every single time my keyboard refuses to respond, I use the touchscreen to reboot the thing.

  3. Been advocating for years that the keyboard half of macbook should be touchscreen with customizable movable sizable layouts including tools, menus, shortcuts etc, maybe with haptic feedback (not necessary for modern typists)

    1. Modern typists still touch type. Hunt and peck may be all you can do, but the rest of us need actual keys, a touchscreen isn’t going to cut it.

      And I don’t really see the point of having a screen on the keyboard at all, I’m not looking at it, so even keys with individual screens would be worse than useless.

  4. Of course Craig doesn’t look at other companies and ask how long it would take to catch up. Mac hardware is so far behind, and so unneedlessly style-constrained, that Craig isn’t within viewing distance. To all appearances, Watch bands receive more resources than the Mac these days.

  5. To each his/her own..

    But i would love to see a ‘adaptable os’ ‘hybrid detachable’ portable device..
    ios …. when display detached.
    Macos when attached to keyboard or folded back on keyboard.

  6. So I noticed my post from the other day has been removed. Probably at least 5 or 6 posts now that I’ve seen disappear. Apparently you guys at MDN any comments that make too much sense when they call you out.

    If you can’t handle the truth that’s one thing, but censoring the internet so that the only comments that remain in a blog are those that you like is reminiscent of nazism.

    Now go ahead and remove this post too.


  7. And I’ll post it again – you at MDN don’t want to admit the fact that Federighi shot Apple in the foot with his comment – while attempting to attack the competition (touchscreen PCs) he inadvertently annulled the case for iPad Pro with keyboard.

    Go ahead and remove this post again, as you did the other day.

  8. When you take a desktop OS and try to add a touch interface you get a hybrid mess. If you want touch use an iOS device. Thank goodness Craig has the smarts to not mess up macOS like Microsoft did with Windows twice now.

    1. Spoken like someone who has never used both extensively.

      I have, and I would modify your statement to say “ if you want touch with a lot of user limitations, use iOS.. and if you want touch without those limitations, use windows 10.”

      Your argument assumes that iOS is the default Norm for all things touch, but it isn’t – it’s the default norm for a sandboxed approach to touch. But for people who start with the assumption that all things Apple are flawless,it’s easy to make such narrow statements.

  9. GOOD.

    I’m sorry for you touchscreen fans, but a touchscreen on a desktop or laptop is still an idiotic idea.

    Yes, I know MicroSloth has been doing it. And it’s not even remotely useful when they do. It’s idiotic.

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