Apple now has 55 self-driving cars testing in California

“It seems that Apple grows its fleet of self-driving test cars,” Serhat Kurt reports for macReports. “Apple has, again, expanded its fleet of autonomous cars in California.”

“Apple Apple now has 55 vehicles and 83 drives under its permit to test autonomous vehicles,” Kurt reports, “the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said in an emailed response to questions.”

“Apple originally registered three vehicles,” Kurt reports. “Apple grew from 3 to 45 between April 2017 and March 2018, now this number increased to 55. We also learned from the DMV that Apple has not applied for a driverless testing permit. The DMV has recently began issuing driverless testing permits in April, 2018.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, something is continuing to happen on the Project Titan front.

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  1. And Google has 500+ pouring in data into their systems analytics …. who do u think will have the more sophisticated system.

    add on top their AI which is massivly ahead .

    Apples walled garden is not only a walled prison for the endusers.. its becoming a prison for Apples initiatives and progress.

    1. You know what: the more I see googletards coming up with lines like this, the more convinced I become that:
      1/ There is a conspiracy
      2/ Apple is winning
      Things are changing.

      1. Except im not a Google-Tard.

        I use Apple products and relative to my resources a big investor in Apple.. dont have a single share of google!

        But that does not stop me from being objective..
        Shoving things under the carpet solves nothing.. not only that, someday u will trip on all the shit thats been piled up under.

        There is no conspiracy ….
        But there is massive Concern !

        Better face it and address it rather than turn a blind eye.

        Just check Google Duplex. Mind blowing.
        But hey we got good news from Apple too..
        iPhones are going to get more coloful!

        I hope and Pray.. Apple blows us away with some cool stuff at WWDC.. something that reasures that they are on top of things in the AI world ……..not lala land .

        Believe me when things change and Apple proves their AI is world class.. ill be the first on line advocating !
        I have skin in the game …

  2. And at the same time they’ve got 2 new modular Mac Pro prototypes being kicked around in the lab when things get too boring. In the last 12 months this has increased infinity percent from 0.

    Oh, and just in case they have a fit and decide to release it, 1 mini prototype.

  3. 55 lawsuit generation devices.
    I know the motoring laws will change to make it possible to for these self-driving vehicle to make it out there. I just wonder ( physical injuries aside) what the mental stress will be in having a car do something stupid and get you injured when you could have avoided the a collision much quicker with your antiquated brain.

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