Is the Apple iPhone lineup about to get more colorful?

“Details about the upcoming Apple iPhone lineup, due for release in September, are starting to leak out,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang said Apple could use colors to differentiate its 12th-generation smartphone lineup. One of those handsets could be an upgraded version of the current iPhone 8 called the iPhone 8S, he said.”

“‘To target the younger consumer market, we believe that Apple could launch multiple colors for the iPhone 8S, including blue, yellow and pink, during the second half of this year,’ Zhang said in a note to clients,” Seitz reports. “Apple is likely to use candy colors with its new LCD-screen smartphone to differentiate it from two high-end OLED-screen models coming out at the same time, he said.”

“Apple also is likely to advance its push into augmented reality by adding 3D sensing cameras to the back of its new iPhones,” Seitz reports. “Today only the high-end iPhone X has a 3D sensor and it’s on the front of the device, with applications limited to facial identification.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If it comes in colors, fine. Just don’t revert back to the stupid, self-defeating “S” nomenclature!

Thankfully, the only one we’ve heard using that awful “8S” name is Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang.

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  1. Wonderful… yet another iPhone color to be covered up by a protective case and never seen.

    Apple, how about putting that development money toward making the iPhone rugged enough to not need a case?

  2. Wish I could read the article but a full page ad covered it 8 times in a row with no option to close it without backing out of the article entirely and going back in, which triggered the ad again and covered the article completely. Tired of trying. This has happened on about half of the Apple news I have read on this site. I really don’t want fake attempts at amazon gift cards thank you.

    1. Amazon ad? But it’s not amazon. This morning for me it was my cable tv service,TDS, repeatedly. These ads you can’t get rid of. I called amazon one time, they directed me to change password for amazon and the email is I signed in with.

      1. I even wrote mdn about how these adds (amazon for me) are ruining the experience of the site!
        No response.
        I guess they dont care..
        They bash Apple for mismanaging a trillion dollar company…
        Yet they cant maintain reasonable experiance on a singular website.

        Talk way ahead of walk ..

  3. Who cares!!!

    New colors are not a feature, not intonation.

    I get it, two decades ago, the iMac was new and had colors and flower peddles. Those days are long gone. Stop rehashing what worked once long ago.

  4. How much are they getting paid & all they’ll come up with is new colors, new emojis & a better camera, oh and maybe a flush volume button, that turns out to be a real pain, because of its location.

    1. And then go check Googles Duplex technology just announced and demoed at IO.
      Blows the mind..

      Apple better have some real cool technology to demo at WWDC … beyond emojies and walled prisons!

      Im worried..

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