Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s next-gen 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will not include 3D Touch

“Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may not feature 3D Touch due to cost constraints, according to a new note shared yesterday by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and published by Chinese site Feng,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Kuo says that the 6.1-inch iPhone will use what he calls “Cover Glass Sensor” (CGS) technology, relocating the iPhone’s touch module from the display panel (in-cell technology) to the surface glass. The CGS method reportedly results in a display that’s lighter and more shock resistant.”

“With this display technology, Apple will add a thin-film sensor to the touch film sensor included in the CGS, but the purpose of the new layer is unknown,” Clover reports. “To offset the cost of the new display it plans to use, Kuo believes Apple will remove the 3D Touch functionality on the 6.1-inch iPhone, which would be a curious move as 3D Touch is well-integrated throughout the operating system that runs on the iPhone at this point.”

“Because Apple plans to incorporate the CGS display technology into future iPhones, including OLED models starting in 2019, 3D Touch could potentially be removed from all future iPhones,” Clover reports. “It’s not clear what the mystery thin-film sensor mentioned in Kuo’s note will do, but it could be some kind of 3D Touch replacement system.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We use 3D Touch quite a bit, but, uh.. more casual iPhone users we’ve seen using their iPhones don’t seem to use it much (or even know it exists).

Do you think 3D Touch is going the way of the AirPort or is Apple in the process of simply moving 3D Touch (or similar) to a new technology?

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  1. When i had my iPhone 6s for a few months, i used 3D touch, it was okay but not essential. When i replaced the 6S with my current SE, i dont have 3D touch and dont miss it at all.

  2. I don’t use it much, but feel like it is another wasted opportunity for Apple. It is another example of a potentially useful feature they have developed and released, but failed to teach me how to use it or to even know when I can. There should be some pop up that teaches me when this available. How am I supposed to know when and where there exists a 3D Touch function?!?! If I did, I might use it. At least, I would try it!

  3. This is one of the times Ming gets it wrong. . .or at least not right.
    The article states, “Apple will add a thin-film sensor to the touch film sensor included in the CGS, but the purpose of the new layer is unknown.” and then goes on to admit that this could be used for 3D Touch. IF (and that’s a big ‘IF’) they do away with 3D Touch, it will be because they have something more advanced that replaces it like gesture controls or some such. There is NO WAY they’re just gonna ditch 3D Touch without adding anything in it’s place. No way, no how.

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