Leaked ‘iPhone SE 2’ pics show glass back and headphone jack

“The iPhone SE 2 rumor train has been a wild one,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “There are many conflicting reports about the device, ranging from rumors of a major chassis change to only a minor hardware revision.”

“These new photos purport to show a fully built iPhone SE 2, with resemblances to some leaked shells first seen in March,” Mayo reports. “They depict a device somewhere in between the two extremes of the rumored specs; a new glass back for wireless charging but a 3.5mm hole for a headphone jack remains.”

“The current iPhone SE has an aluminum back design with small glass panels at the top and bottom only,” Mayo reports. “Disagreeing with a report from last week, the pictured chassis clearly retains a 3.5mm headphone jack.”

 Leaked 'iPhone SE 2' pics show glass back and headphone jack
Leaked ‘iPhone SE 2’ pics show glass back and headphone jack

Read more and see more photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Back in January, reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the “iPhone SE 2” would likely have a faster processor and a lower price, rather than new features like wireless charging.

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  1. Well, at least the SE is *getting* an upgrade… of sorts; unlike the woefully neglected Mac Mini and Powermac lines.

    Seems like a real shame to have all those fancy Apple galleries they call ‘stores’ and not have any user serviceable desktop product to put in them.

    But, hey, maybe ‘next year’, right?

  2. It’s at least 50/50 that this photo is of a fake iphone. There are so many small companies in China making fake iPhones that you can never see a photo and wonder about it, unless it’s an official Apple released product.

  3. This gives hope as if Apple cares about 4″ phone buyers and useful legacy features. Is it false hope?

    The sad reality is that Apple is a mess of inconsistency. It obviously thinks Qi charging is a selling feature, despite the fact that a glass phone back sucks.

    I fear that the distracted princesses at Apple are working on other things with more priority.

    You can see the fashion designers beavering away on a series of leatherette covers for the vaporware charger.

    Also, in order to reinvigorate adapter sales, Apple is putting its best engineers to work on Lightning II, which will be slimmer and totally incompatible with any other connector in the industry.

    The Homepod team is working very hard to turn the monopole into a dipole so that Apple can clear out remaining inventory in 2-for-1 deals at Best Buy. The Apple Store will not have the sale, but will offer a new color next year for only a $100 premium.

    Apple will soon announce that next year’s phones will have a new unobtanium glass back that, while more fragile, can be thinner than ever, establishing an exciting new level in Apple innovation.

    Apple TV, the overpriced stellar flop that it is, will get an announcement that Apple is forming a team to try and figure out what frustrations television viewers could possibly have. In a few more years, Apple will trot out a stick form Apple TV with no ability to save or buffer videos, and it will require separate new Apple video subscriptions for music, movies, and news — but it will come in red and cost only twice what the competition charges.

    On the Mac front, butterfly keyboards will be abandoned for touchscreens with haptic feedback so that it buzzes your fingertips when you misspell the phrase, “Jony Ive is an idiot.” It will be completely useless for proficient touch typists, but it will be used as an excuse that Apple customers must not want Macs. A slew of iPad commercials will try to push the point that everything you used to enjoy doing with a Mac is just not important anymore.

    A new 27″ display will be released. It will have one USB-C port and otherwise identical specs to a 5 year old black plastic LG display, but it will be wrapped in alooooominumum and cost three times what any other display costs. Apple will not explain why the new display doesn’t match any other Mac styling and why it doesn’t come in three different sizes like Apple displays used to.

    The Mac mini will have a Special Edition. For the same price, the 2019 model will delete all USB-A ports and just offer Thunderbolt 3. The next month, Thunderbolt 4 will be revealed.

    The 2019 Mac Pro will be a plastic cubes, glued together. Each cube will use a generation old Xeon processor and a weak custom AMD GPU, soldered RAM and a glued in 512GB SSD. Apple will say that Mac customers want to buy bricks to stack multiple units together. But each brick will cost $4000. and will have no connectors whatsoever. All I/O will have to be wireless. Apple won’t have matching Mac accessories available at launch, but they will be in the pipeline.

  4. If that thing is real I’ll be getting rid of my iPhone X in the near future – love the wireless charging but really miss the 4″ screen form factor – that would be perfect for me!

  5. Apple is no longer conceptualizing coherently as if senior executives are pulling in contradictory directions, with no one at the top providing guidance. I can almost imagine them not collaborating, and pointing fingers at each other, taking no personal responsibility for the benefit of Apple Corp.

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