Apple CEO Cook to meet with President Trump

Apple CEO “Tim Cook will meet with President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday as the company looks to head off a brewing trade war between the U.S. and China,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “The sit-down between Cook and Trump will take place in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon and be closed to the press, according to the president’s official schedule released by the White House.”

“The Trump administration’s decision to pursue tariffs on as much as $150 billion in Chinese goods has stoked trade tensions with Beijing that could affect Apple’s business in Asia. The company’s sprawling production chain is also centered in China,” Gurman reports. “Last month, Cook told attendees at a conference in Beijing that he hoped that China and the U.S. could resolve their differences on trade.”

“Cook was among the guests on Tuesday evening at the first state dinner of Trump’s presidency, a formal fete for French President Emmanuel Macron,” Gurman reports. “The Apple chief was accompanied by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment and government affairs and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Barack Obama.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully their meeting goes well.

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  1. Maybe Trump can peel Cooks objective back to selling things people want and need, like updating the Mac Pro, offering PRO applications Getting into enterprise, education and dominating, giving long battery life to products rather than slim size, Having the Iphone X actually be bigger in screen size than the 8, DUH, (what a turn off as the world conducts their entire life on mobile devices, why not offer the Iphone PRO? with a usable file system, ), offering instructions, advertising products, making Siri actually work better than Alexa, Having any home platform, having a speaker be real multi room stereo sound, having maps work logically, and better than google, offering real programming with apple music, real features, real specials, a more interactive interface, finally offering anything in the TV world, how about advertising the watch features which is an ok product, Yeah , maybe Trump can whisper some common sense business practices in his ear. Because the publics not feeling it these days and sales are down. Again, I don’t care what people think when the stocks just barely keeping up with the average. BTW. MAGA. The A is for Apple.

    1. I hope they will discuss manufacturing in the US, Canada and Mexico for the long run to maybe stem some of the intellectual and technical piracy from the Far East.

  2. Overheard from Apple employees talking about their CEO in Cupertino-area watering hole last evening:

    Visionless f–k
    Caretaker who can’t even take care
    Disconnected from reality
    Virtue-signaler extraordinaire
    squandering much of what steve left him
    late, boring, bland, and lacking
    Steve was obviously not the best at choosing CEOs
    In the hands of a Bezos, the company would be far beyond where it is now which is idling, lost, confused, mismanaged, and unfocused

    1. At the time of death of Steve Jobs on October 5, 2011, AAPL was trading at roughly $58. Now we’re at $165+.

      Maybe more CEOs should do such a terrible job as Cook. /s

      In Jobs’ lifetime, I don’t think anyone imagined what it would take to manufacture and sell 200+ million devices in a year. That’s an astonishing number – credit should go to those who orchestrated this accomplishment.

      1. Logistics and inertia from Steve Jobs will only take a company so far. The only forward impetus Apple has had since Steve died is the inertia his vision left the company; while Cook is a logistics genius, all that does is grease the track – it provides no forward impetus by itself.

        Let Cook go back to doing what he does well – moving pieces around to make things happen more quickly and on time.

        Let someone else give Apple some forward motion so that Cook actually has something useful to do.

      2. You cannot always tell how well a company is run until later. Jeff Immelt ran GE for years and supposedly well. After he left, they find the company in a massive mess, with a $31 Billion shortfall in pension obligations, tons of debt, a number of core business units failing or falling behind.

        The company he took over from Jack Welch had none of that.

        Tim Cook inherited an Apple hitting on all cylinders unlike the dumpster fire Steve Jobs took over as interim CEO back in the day. Cook also inherited a full pipeline of ongoing product development, fat profit margins, no debt and a sterling product reputation. When the iMac came out, many liked the design but were afraid to buy one as they thought Apple was not far from going under- Cook has never had that image over his head.

        As to making iPhones in the US, Apple could do it, but not with the current combination of price points and profit margin they currently enjoy. Assembly in the US would mean higher prices or thinner profit margins. What most people forget is that while assembled in China, most of the components are sourced elsewhere. As wages continue to rise in China, it would be logical to expect Apple might look elsewhere to assemble iPhones, but the US is not a likely candidate.

        1. we simply don’t have the worker base for such manufacturing, unless one is talking about a “symbolic” team to be able to say “manufactured in the US.” Say nothing of price/margins.

          1. Because of un-fair trade agreements, you are correct.
            And no it couldn’t be done in a year to make one party look good for the next election cycle.

            But the reason we don’t have that workforce is because we quit EDUCATING that work force. It can still be done even if a large portion is robotic and only geared toward North and South American markets.

            Just having parts sourced in Canada and America and assembled in Mexico is better for all three of us.

            If libs can dream of solar and wind putting coal out of business, Conservatives can dream of putting our continent back to work…

          2. The iPhone is assembled in China, but the components are sourced worldwide.

            I would hate to put a manufacturing plant in the US these days. You would spend half your time keeping them off Facebook on company time.

        2. Jeffry Immelt never ran GE well, only in the ground.
          His SJW attitude and lack of (real) vision cast their fate.

          To coin a phrase, “if you lie down with the Donkey, you wake up fleeced”….(and with a sore ass)

          1. But he was a darling of Wall Street. He also used billions buying back GE stock and intentionally underfunded the Pension plan for employees.

            GE is now selling off the furniture to prop up what is left. They recently dumped the appliance business on Chinese Haier – maker of cheap appliances sold at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

            In all likelihood, GE will have a bankruptcy filing where they can dump all their liabilities on the US taxpayer. They are trying to bribe Congress into letting them dump their intentionally underfunded pension fund on the PBGC. When Immelt took over from Welch it was 100% funded and when he left it is $31 Billion in the hole. Either the people promised those pensions are going to get shafted or the Feds are going to bail out this mess.

            The people who served on his Board should be sued along with Immelt.

            1. Yeah, well that Whore I mean Darling of Wall Street cost our family about $250,000 in lost stock value.

              He sure looked kewl hangin’ with Obama though….

            2. Yes, he was on the President’s Competitiveness Council. What a mismatch.

              GE reminds me of Kodak a couple of decades ago. They sold off businesses with a future propping up ones with not a very bright one. I work in Radiology and the saying about GE Medical is this:
              “You can buy better, but you can’t pay more.”

    2. FactChecker,

      I might believe some of what you “heard” from Apple employees near Cupertino. However, you went one bridge too far in suggesting that any significant number of Apple employees in the Bay Area are complaining in public that Cook is a SJW or virtue-signaler. That would be like complaining in public about “uppity Negros” at a corner bar in Compton, or “white privilege” at a biker bar outside Selma.

      It makes one wonder what else was completely made up.

      1. Q. In what bizarro universe does calling someone a social justice warrior or virtue-signaler equate to “uppity Negros?”

        A. Only in your bizarro universe.

        Q. Where did I claim to quote “significant number of Apple employees in the Bay Area?”

        A. I didn’t.

        Your dual attempt at building straw man was weak at best.

  3. That macaroon sure has a way with the chump, maybe because his wife doesn’t wear a flying saucer on her head. I hope he’s passed on some secrets to Tim Cook. Anyway, a meeting closed to the press sounds pretty serious, I do hope a trade war be averted but how some countries are just addicted to war. Still it’s not like it’s an important country anymore, now that they have left the free and civilized world.

  4. Tim Cook seems an odd choice as an invitee to a state dinner, honouring the French president, but they might be talking about thee repatriation of business back into the US, which may or may not be a welcome idea to us due to the price concern. Don’t give Cook any more opportunity to jack up the price.
    Talking about the choice of Cook by SJ, my speculation is that SJ was not stupid. He asked Cook to take care of the immediate aftermath of his travelling into a cyber space, until the Apple affairs stabilizes sufficiently, and perhaps whispered someone like Scott Forstall as an ultimate successor to SJ. But what happened next was Cook firing Scott almost immediately, cozying up with his clan man, like the coffee table publisher (Ives) etc. I believe Cook is actually a ruthless power monger. What is happening on other executives who seem to have saner mind and forward thinking ability backed with technical prowess, such as Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi etc. Where are they? They are almost totally silent, except once a year product presentation, or forced into a mea culpa session with journalists to apologize for Cook’s empty pipeline talk, and even then, nothing significant has been happening.

  5. Those photos of Tim Cook in a tux do not make him look good. The bow tie is too big, making his head look small. And the jacket needs tailoring. I mean, c’mon — the CEO of the richest company in the world?…

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