Apple’s iCloud helped U.S. feds track down Russian spam kingpin

“An affidavit unsealed today shows Apple’s unexpected role in bringing a Russian spam king to justice,” Russell Brandom reports for The Verge. “Once listed as one of the ten worst spammers in the world, Peter Levashov allegedly ran the Kelihos botnet under the alias ‘Severa,’ renting out access to spammers and other cybercriminals. But despite Levashov’s significant efforts at anonymity, court records show that federal agents had been surveilling his iCloud account since May 20th, 2016, funneling back crucial information that may have led to his arrest.”

“Two Kelihos-linked servers seized in Luxembourg showed frequent logins to Levashov’s account, apparently the result of Levashov using the servers as a proxy,” Brandom reports. “Investigators also found an iCloud account registered in Levashov’s name, registered from an IP address that had often connected to the Luxembourg server. The affidavit requests information on the account — including “login IP addresses associated with session times and dates” — based on Levashov’s apparent connection to Kelihos spam empire.”

“The request was successful,” Brandom reports. “The same day the request was filed, a warrant was granted and Apple was placed under a gag order forbidding the company from sharing information about the case.”

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MacDailyNews Note: More info about Apple and government & law enforcement requests here.

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  1. Hillary aided and abetted Peter Levashov allegedly with her homebrew, unsecure server in the basement. But the DOJ will not charge her since not even war criminal Bush (invading Iraq unprovoked) is arrested.

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