Do more, faster on your iPad or iPhone with Launch Center Pro

“Think of the steps you have to go through to text your partner saying you’re on your way home. Launch Center Pro 2.9 for iPhone and iPad can do it in a single tap: this is why you’ll want the app and it’s why you’ll love it,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “It can also do much more, but things get increasingly complicated and there comes a point where other apps may be a better choice.”

“Being able to tap a single button is great because it replaces opening Messages, choosing the right person, typing the same message as yesterday and hitting Send. Just being able to tap a single button is excellent but it’s the way you get to that button that is a real delight,” Gallagher writes. “Yes, you open Launch Center Pro and tap the button, but depending on how you’ve set it up, you can accomplish the same action simply by sliding your finger over to that button and letting go. It is ridiculous how satisfying that is and how it makes the whole thing seem even faster.”

“Where Launch Center Pro shines brightest is when you don’t use it to launch an app, you use it to do a particular thing within that app. Launch Center Pro reaches deep inside other apps so that with a single tap you can enter a new To Do task in Things or OmniFocus, for example,” Gallagher writes. “This is the key to Launch Center Pro: it is for launching actions or features within other apps. It won’t work with absolutely every app but it does with over 100,000 of them.”

Much more, including many screenshots, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Combined with Apple’s Workflow – which is where those new to iOS automation will want to start – Launch Center Pro (US$4.99) is a must-have for iPhone and/or iPad power users.

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    1. Same thought.


      There’s no doubt in my mind that many specific tasks that many of do very frequently have no siri solution, yet CAN be done very quickly and conveniently with workflow and launch center.

      1. If your diction and enunciation are at a level which causes Siri to actually misinterpret you that poorly, I have some bad news for you: human beings all around you are also struggling to understand what you’re trying to say.

        I regularly see people in their seventies and eighties using Siri on their Apple Watches and iPhones where I hike, and I do not hear them repeating themselves. My seven year-old niece talks to Siri non-stop on her WiFi-only hand-me-down iPhone 4S, and she never has her words misunderstood like your example.

      1. I’ve noticed that Siri pronounces “cross” as “crows,” which is bizarre. Siri also pronounces “plainfield” as “pline-field,” which is also bizarre. Good thing “cross” is such an obscure word that few people will notice that Siri thinks it sounds like the plural for birds in the genus corvus.

        There’s no excuse for how bad Siri is after being in active development by Apple for so many years. They’ve dropped the ball massively on voice assistants. I hope they can get their act together soon.

    2. It takes only about five failed attempts before I give up on Siri. Setting up keyboard shortcuts is the best way.

      Our Siri problem is compounded by the fact that we speak multiple languages with our worldwide family and friends. Siri doesn’t even know one language. Ask Siri to play Italian music and she might offer to look it up on Wikipedia. Worse than useless. Try it yourself: “Siri play Modà”. Good luck.

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