U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin visits Apple HQ, tweets photo with Tim Cook

“Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted a photo with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday, emphasizing Apple’s recent jobs announcement,” Chloe Aiello reports for CNBC.

“The photo depicts the two smiling at Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, and comes just days after Cook’s visit to Washington D.C.,” Aiello reports. “Apple in January made a series of pledges to invest in the U.S. economy, due in part to incentives reaped from the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.'”

“The company said it would open a new campus, create 20,000 jobs and repatriate most of its overseas cash, which comes to well over $250 billion. In total, Apple said its economic contributions over the next five years tally to about $350 billion,” Aiello reports. “Earlier this week, Cook made the rounds on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., as he does from time to time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart business.

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Capitol Hill – March 13, 2018

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. This is the first image/photo that I’ve seen from inside the spaceship that shows actual people walking on the inner sidewalk/walkway that isn’t an artists’ rendering.

  2. look at all those apparently full grown trees they transplanted, they hired whole teams of arborists , kept several nurseries and emptied tree farms of stock

    All that love and care

    Meanwhile they are selling a 2013 Mac Pro in 2018 on their webpage one of their flagship products.
    Imagine if Ford tried selling a 2013 truck today as ‘new’ with no reduction in price while they spent inordinate amounts of effort spiffing up their offices for their staff.

  3. I wish Trump would nominate better people to his cabinet positions. Why doesn’t he understand what Abraham Lincoln understood, that a cabinet of rivals would result in superior policy-making, accruing to his credit? I think I know why. He is 70 and set in his ways, and he personally prefers sycophants to experts who might trouble him with details that take up his time. The whole deal is pitiable for everyone, and an unsavoury yellow stain on the pages of future history books.

    1. Much too many of his cabinet appointments came from the very cesspool that the cabinet is in a charge of regulating. This exactly the reverse. Devoss, for example, wants to shut down the Dept. of Education but now is its head so what better person to do it, eh?

      1. God, my comment sounds as if I favor public education-hater Devoss. I do not . But I might favpr her a little if she were an Apple “gadgeteer”.

      2. de Vos ( she’s got a Dutch name) is a religious zealot. She has used her entire life spending her inheritance lobbying for public money to be diverted to religious schools, and demanding that religious propaganda be slipped into science curriculum in public schools. What a waste. The US needs a national leader to find and solve the reasons that American kids score so low in math and science.

        So sad that there are people who refuse to see the obvious lack of applicability of a 2000 year old Aramaic and Hebrew storybook for modern science and math preparation in the modern world. Nobody at Apple uses the Bible to create any of their products. Apple hires agnostic coders and social justice warrior CEOs that live in sin. Get used to it.

        1. A denizen of the Fundie cesspool that Trumb brought into his own cesspool to expand it.

          But I truly hope that Anon Q is correct that Trump is really a secret White Hat who will reveal dramatically how he will disinfect the cesspool but he has had nearly 1.4 years to do this; nothing yet.

      3. Draining a swamp and refilling it with raw sewage is hardly an improvement. A swamp is actually a very verdant and productive aspect of nature. The raw sewage is just a nasty byproduct of digestion and metabolism that needs to be reprocessed.

        Electing an egomaniacal billionaire as President who values loyalty over character and personal approval over facts and substance was unwise. Similarly, the appointment of a slew of billionaire businesspeople to major government positions and chasing out the career civil servants who know how things work is not a recipe for success. Anyone who thinks that the government can and should be run like a business is wrong. Honestly, do you want this country run like a corporation? Think about it…

        1. Trum seems to be ignorantly misapplying “swamp” to mean “cesspool.” I hope it’s true. If not, maybe he really wants to drain the ecologically beneficial “swamp” in order to fill it with “cesspool” appointments which he seems to be doing with the CPFB, the Education Dept., and the EPA. All three appointments are disastrous for normal working Americans but super enriching for corporate America and the already wealthy.

      1. Your trite response is also incomplete.

        Every administration appoints its own cabinet. Lincoln appointed every one of his Republican rivals to a cabinet position, part of the party horse trading that was done to give the junior congressman from Illinois the presidential nomination. It’s unsurprising that the ineffective Buchanan cabinet would be axed entirely.

        None of this has anything to do with martial law.

        Lincoln (and Stanton) declared martial law after the breakout of the Civil War, a common practice during wartime. This allows civilian aids to rebellion to be tried by military process rather than in a civilian court. A variation of martial law has been used in just about every major armed conflict. Bush made it an open secret that the USA pays foreign nations to hold whomever the USA declares enemies of the state in foreign detention without the right of habeous corpus and many other universal human rights. You haven’t ever objected to this miscarriage of justice in the past. Why bring it up on an Apple forum now, especially when your nitpicking does nothing to invalidate the assertion that good leaders need inputs from all directions?

  4. It’s difficult for Tim to navigate around the cesspool without sliming himself as he is doing now with a known denizen of the cesspool, Mnuchin who is a “a second-generation Goldman Sachs partner who worked for [shithead] George Soros before…buying IndyMac, a failing California bank that made billions while foreclosing on homeowners after the financial crisis”.

    Shame that the criptic “Q” is wrong that Trump is draining the cesspool; He’s rather expanding and filling it. And I doubt that Mnuchin will add any value to Apple so Tim must be meeting with M. in order to prevent any loss of revenue from the likes of Mnuchin.

    1. Ah, the ever elusive Anon “Q”. His posts are cryptic AF…but may be onto something. He wrote March Madness in February- Late March. Looks what’s happening with McCabe.

      Anyway, I digress.

      Mnuchin is a Douchebag with a bigger Douchebag Wife.

      Notice Tim’s body language is VERY closed off. He’s not comfortable in this photo whatsoever.

      1. I read Q second hand as I have a low tolerance for coded language that is not computer code itself. I don’t have a clear picture of how cesspoolish or not McCabe is. If he is, and if he’s an Apple user, then he may not be so bad. *tongue-in-cheek*

    1. The premise of the 2017 corporate tax giveaway is that all multinational corps will, despite having no requirement to do so, stop spending money building and distributing stuff in a growing nation that has 1.3 billion people in order to direct their investments to an aging nation of 360 million that will have a stagnant future growth if the borders are locked.

      The math is simple: if the ratio of wages between China and the US is large, and Americans refuse to work for less, then what amounts of corporate welfare would be required to make up the difference? Income tax rates aren’t the main issue, any multinational can launder their money through the same type of shell companies Trump uses all over the world to show zero profit on paper. What Trump has not done, and cannot do, is provide lower operating costs in the USA. His advisors think taxing raw materials via tariffs is the answer. They might be if they were reactive instead of instigative.

      Trump is on his way to trigger trade wars which will harm everyone, plus dig a new record national debt trying to reward his political supporters. The house of cards grows taller. The next president, no matter what party he comes from, will inherit the crash, just like the last 3 democrat presidents did. The financial history is out there, and it is undeniable. The economic fortunes of the US rely on trade, not on lowest tax rate. Labor rate is by far the biggest economic incentive everywhere.

        1. That is a stupid logical fallacy, Dingleberry.

          No one is advocating that U.S. wages should be reduced to match those in lower wage countries. Wages are linked to other factors, such as cost of living and labor supply/demand and skill sets.

          What Realist stated is that the Trump tax cuts (funded via borrowed money) are not going to magically boost domestic manufacturing and assembly. We do not have the facilities, workforce, or component supply chains in place to do so. China, in contrast, has established co-located supply chains and the ability to staff up by the tens or hundreds of thousands of workers in a short period of time. American companies are not going to just walk away from that…they can’t. If manufacturing comes back to the U.S., it will be primarily in the form of highly automated factories employing dozens of workers, not thousands.

          The recent Trump tirade on tariffs makes things worse. Rather than improve the lot of the American worker, tariffs will just raise the cost of living. Some jobs may be created, but more will be lost. And inflation will more than eat up any wage gains.

  5. I would be sort of OK with Tim meeting with cesspool Mnuchin if the latter revised Franch King Henry IV’s promise of a chicken in every pot to an iPhone in every hand.

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