All-new Apple iPad Pro with Face ID could be imminent

“Apple investors have been hearing rumors about a new iPad Pro that features the company’s new TrueDepth camera system and Face ID for a few months now,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool.

“That would be an expected move by the Mac maker, as it likes to implement its newest technologies across its product lineup whenever possible, and the iPad Pro is an obvious candidate to be next in line for those features,” Niu writes. “The new iPad Pro release could be just around the quarter.”

Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang “believes that Apple is preparing to launch a new iPad Pro that features a slimmer bezel and ditches the home button, much like iPhone X. The analyst goes as far as to predict that the new model will be released during the June quarter, meaning it could just be a couple months away, instead of a fall launch,” Niu writes. “It’s worth remembering that Apple is investing heavily in the production capacity of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), including in the form of a $390 million prepayment to supplier Finisar. VCSELs are the crucial components that enable 3D sensing, and Finisar is using those prepayments to help fund capacity expansion at its manufacturing facilities in Sherman, Texas… Implementing VCSELs in more products would help Finisar’s capacity utilization while giving Apple more alternatives to apply its prepayments.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring it on! After iPhone X, anything with a Home button is just irritating in the most anachronistic way.

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      1. Without the notch people won’t know which side is up and they will stupidly complain that Face ID doesn’t work upside down. People who see the notch 100s of times a day on their X are the ones who care the least about it and rarely if ever mention it (MDN being the lone exception).

  1. June would make sense, as would be one year after last update to iPad Pro. I would love it to have Face ID and more screen real estate would be useful. For Face ID to work on the IPad Pro it would have to work in any orientation. Mine is most of the time used in landscape with Smart Keyboard. The exception being when I am using for playing music.

    It is interesting that the iPad Pro so divides opinion. Some people see it as useless (But I don’t think they take the trouble to learn to use all its capabilities), while others, like myself think it is the most adaptable device ever made (in short, I love it). When I am travelling (much of the year) I run my business exclusively from my iPad Pro. Some things can be easier done on the Mac, while others are easier on the IPP – but I find there is very little it can’t do with the right Apps and a little adaptability.

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