Apple releasing three new iPhones this fall, including a giant high-end iPhone and a lower-priced model

“Apple Inc. is preparing to release a trio of new smartphones later this year: the largest iPhone ever, an upgraded handset the same size as the current iPhone X and a less expensive model with some of the flagship phone’s key features,” Mark Gurman and Debby Wu report for Bloomberg. “With the new lineup, Apple wants to appeal to the growing number of consumers who crave the multitasking attributes of so-called phablets while also catering to those looking for a more affordable version of the iPhone X, according to people familiar with the products.”

“With a screen close to 6.5 inches, Apple’s big new handset will be one of the largest mainstream smartphones on the market. While the body of the phone will be about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, the screen will be about an inch larger thanks to the edge-to-edge design used in the iPhone X,” Gurman and Wu report. “Apple is also preparing an update to the regular-sized iPhone X that is internally dubbed D32, people familiar with the product said. Both of these phones are expected to use next-generation A12 processors and will continue to include stainless steel edges, they say, and will be Apple’s high-end smartphone offerings.”

“The phones will have an updated operating system, probably called iOS 12 and code named Peace, which will include upgraded augmented reality capabilities, deeper integration of the Siri digital assistant, digital health monitoring and the ability to use Animojis in FaceTime,” Gurman and Wu report. “The new lower-cost model will feature the same edge-to-edge screen as the iPhone X as well as Face ID instead of a fingerprint sensor… To keep costs down, the cheaper phone will use LCD screen technology similar to the type employed in the iPhone 8. It will also have aluminum edges and a glass back like the iPhone 8, not the flashier stainless steel used in the iPhone X.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We want that 6.5-inch OLED iPhone so badly!

But, we’re certainly just fine with our iPhone X units for another seven months or so.

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    1. Who really cares???!! (with three question marks, and two more exclamation points…)

      How about record number of people who bought iPhone 8 and X over the past quarter?

      As for computer hardware, they did that in the 20th century. For better or for worse, I think it is safe to expect the discontinuation of the Macintosh in the near future. It is a dead-end platform, Steve Jobs himself said that (“I would milk the Macintosh for all it’s worth – and get busy on the next great thing.”)

  1. “While the body of the phone will be about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, the screen will be about an inch larger thanks to the edge-to-edge design used in the iPhone X.”

    This will be the greatest phone ever created.

  2. I am personal enjoying the smaller overall size of the X while still having good size screen and have no wish to ‘upgrade’ back to larger phone which is uncomfortable in my pants pocket.

    But I know the new larger phone is great for people that carry their phone in a bag or jacket and not pants pocket, so good Apple are fulfilling that need giving them the latest format and facilities.

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