Ireland expects final disputed Apple bill remaining around $16 billion

“Ireland expects the final disputed tax bill that the European Commission ordered it to collect from Apple to be ‘in the ballpark’ of the 13 billion euros ($16 billion) estimated, the head of the country’s tax collectors said on Thursday,” Reuters reports.

“‘It’s in that ballpark,’ Revenue Commissioners’ chairman Niall Cody told a parliamentary committee when asked if the bill his office is obliged to calculate will be in line with the record EU estimate, which both Dublin and Apple are appealing,” Reuters reports.

Brief article in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: The EU’s retroactive tax grab is a farce.

Anyone who decides to set up a business in a European Union member country today is insane.MacDailyNews, August 30, 2016

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  1. Right, and fortunately there are those who will put up a title of “Ireland expects final disputed Apple bill remaining about $16 billion” that actually links to “Toys are not us: Target investors”.

    Those are the ones that are primed to do business with the EU.

    1. I wish we didn’t have to repeat this every time the issue comes up, but…

      MDN, this isn’t a “tax grab” by the EU. They won’t financially gain from any award to Ireland, which doesn’t want the money. The EU claim isn’t “retroactive,” because it is based on the treaties that Ireland signed when it joined what was then the Common Market, long before these tax deals were made.

      Danox, the Irish have certainly not spent the money. They don’t want it. They are appealing the European Commission decision right along with Apple. They would prefer to have the flexibility to offer tax deals like this as a long-term stimulus, rather than the extra short-term revenue. They would not spend money they hope not to keep.

      Think, the EU may want all those things, but this money is not going to help them pay for them. The $16B will go entirely to Ireland, apart from the reimbursement of EU court costs. The EU objective is proving that the Union treaties constrain national schemes for giving one company an unfair advantage over another; they don’t care about the money itself. The EU agencies are financed under formulas that this case will not affect one way or the other.

      I think that Apple (and Ireland) should win this case, but let’s stick to the actual facts and not make things up.

      1. So, If Ireland doesn’t want the money, fine. How about this?
        Apple pays Ireland 16 billion dollars, and Ireland gives it back.
        The terms of how to do that Ireland can work out, right?
        Now, with such an understanding Apple saves a bundle on lawyer fees, Ireland too.

        Ireland could buy a proto-type mac pro 2020… priceless. Well, $16,000,000,000.00, not a bad deal.

      2. Bob, they don’t want the money, but they DO want the victory. Being able to offer tax incentives is worth more than $16B in future investments to Ireland. If they can’t have the victory, they may need the money. They certainly aren’t going to give it back!

        1. Correct. The legal dispute is over whether Apple got the benefits as an individually targeted company, or as a member of a class open to any company that met specific criteria.

      3. A very lovely and rationale post thank you.

        I don’t know why you are bringing facts to this topic, it’s pretty futile but should not be surprising after all, fear and hatred tends to blinds folks.

        Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Ireland are all EU nations that are in the top 10 list of the Global Peace Index. As peace is one of the greatest threats to your war mongering nation it should come as no surprise that the EU is bad mouthed here, just like your leadership badmouths just about every country on earth. It’s a patriotic thing to do no doubt but others see it as a state of fear and hatred. It is just another characteristic of what happens to a nation that embraces torture.

        Torture, war and hate is for terrorists and your country fits the bill.

        So you can go on all you want about the EU’s claim being “retroactive” but it won’t stop MDN’s self full filling contingency statement. If the EU wins, it’s because of EU’s insanity, and from the perspective of your star and skidmarks nation that’s correct, those who love and embrace peace are insane. If the EU loses it’s a case of told you so. It’s going to take a while before this is all settled but in the meantime, win or lose it will be whine whine whine. Sore losers and poor winners, a trademark of your country.

        The most recent tell tale sign is a recent post on the Parkland massacre. Go back and look at it TXuser, see how many paid their respects to those people that died and how many whined about this or that. You should remember you where there. Did you pay your respects for the dead, or did you jump about with the whiners?

        Food for thought.

        1. Road Warrior,

          The best way to honor the Parkland victims is to prevent avoidable tragedies in the future. The best way to do that is to make decisions that are based on facts and not pro- or anti-gun propaganda.

          The same goes for international trade and tax policy. Facts should trump pro- or anti-EU propaganda.

          1. I disagree, the best way to honor the Parkland victims is to prevent avoidable tragedies in the future and to pay your respects to the dead when the time is appropriate and not go off on tangents when it is time to pay respect to the dearly departed. Tim Cook paid his respects, even Trump paid his respects. Hopefully the MDN community will learn from that, because what I saw at that post just confirms the lack of humanity your nation expresses. You’d rather fight and war than show the simple humane gesture of paying your respects.

            Right after your post I read about a law enforcement officer who was on the school grounds and get this, hid. Another tell tale sign of the fearful gutless cowardly streak that is running through your nation. Karma is certainly being a bitch here, but believe me there is more to come as long as your nation continues its free fall.

            Thumbs on the use of facts over propaganda but don’t hold your breath on that one. Oh wait, it’s in the EU, so yeah chances are good that they will rely on facts.

            Don’t let me bother you too much, I do enjoy your insight and posts.

  2. This is one of the many reasons Great Britain Want’s OUT of the EU. GB Making trade agreements that are best suited to our country without unelected bureaucrats telling us what we can and can not do. We will have the freedom to become competitive in a global market that needs to change and adapt with the ever changing world quickly and effectively. Alpple can move to to Great Britain.
    Release the Shackles ships away, its time to rule the waves once more 😉 #TEAMGB

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