Apple rumored to be prepping iPhone SE upgrade with larger 4.2-inch display

“According to a rumor from Chinese website QQ, Apple is expected to launch a successor to its lowest-end iPhone — the iPhone SE — in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “The device, QQ reports, will incorporate Apple’s A10 applications processor, which first debuted in the company’s iPhone 7 series smartphones in September 2016. The current iPhone SE uses Apple’s less-advanced A9 processor. ”

“Apple is also likely to incorporate other hardware upgrades, such as a faster cellular modem and better cameras,” Eassa writes. “QQ claims that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the device will be upgraded to the second-generation version that first debuted with the iPhone 6s in September 2015.”

“The most interesting bit in this report, though, is that the display of this upgraded iPhone SE will get bigger, measuring 4.2 inches along the diagonal, up from just 4 inches,” Eassa writes. “Over the long term, I think Apple will continue to evolve the iPhone SE series of smartphones to even more effectively capture share in markets where the company’s ultra-expensive flagship iPhone models simply can’t gain much traction. To that end, considering the continued shift in consumer preferences to larger-screen smartphones, it makes sense for Apple to make the display on the next-generation iPhone SE a little bit bigger.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring it! In sufficient quantities at the right price, such an iPhone model would help to satisfy those analysts who worship at the Church of Market Share.

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    1. I for one would like a curved back like the first several iPhones. Feels good in hand and allows for more battery and all the latest tech with the smaller screen.

      Ah, who am I kidding. “Special Edition” for Cook means 3rd world phone using up old parts designed 5 years ago. I bet Cook would axe the 4 inch screen from the US market before spending a dime to build a better screen for the entry level iPhone. He knows that he’s achieved ecosystem lock in , so the fanboys have no choice but to buy what his highnees deems you should have. Now kiss the ring and get back to your huts, plebians.

    2. Nonsense. It’s been proven that an acceptable form factor is determined by the efficiency of its display. For now at least, we all want a slightly bigger display, and to that end, we are accepting a gradual increase in unit size. Not all of us need a Plus, but those of us that use the iPhone SE are ready to go 4.5”. Make it happen. Edge to edge can incorporate the low end.

      1. In the developed world, price is NOT a factor. Virtually everyone can easily afford $30 per month, even for the X.

        So, the only differentiating factor for the SE was its size. The ONE main thing I hated with my 6S when I bought it was the size. I had 5 and 5s before it, and it was (and still is) just too big for me. Had SE appeared at the same time a 6S, I would have happily sacrificed the few features it misses, compared to 6S (3D touch, 2nd-gen TouchID, etc) and went with the smaller SE.

        There is a large market out there for smaller phones. SE proved this, and continues to prove (selling well, even after two years).

        Put the internals of iPhone 8 into the body of a SE, and you can even price it at $550, and you’ll see it fly. Not everyone likes bricks in their pockets.

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