T-Mobile offers $200 off iPhone 7/ Plus, 8/Plus, and iPhone X, half off a second Apple Watch

“Looking to snag some new Apple gear at a discount? T-Mobile can hook you up,” Angela Moscaritolo reports for PC Magazine. “The company just announced two “limited time” deals launching this Friday, Feb. 23: $200 off the iPhone X (or iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, or 7 Plus) and half off a second Apple Watch Series 3$329.00 at Best Buy.”

“To take advantage of the iPhone offer, you’ll need to trade in a qualifying device and purchase one of the aforementioned Apple handsets on T-Mobile’s 24-month Equipment Installment Plan,” Moscaritolo reports. “T-Mobile will give you back the value of your trade-in phone via store credit or a one-time bill credit, plus an extra two Bemjamins via a prepaid MasterCard.”

“Meanwhile, if you and a friend are both in the market for a new Apple smartwatch, T-Mobile has you covered,” Moscaritolo reports. “When you buy the Apple Watch Series 3, the carrier will give you half off a second one (up to $215).”

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MacDailyNews Take: These are some excellent loss leaders for T-Mobile!

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  1. Unfortunately, the offer isn’t worth it. What you don’t realise is how low they lowball you on the trade-in value.

    You get $200 back (via that prepaid Mastercard), but you have to surrender your current device. For my iPhone 6s, they are offering “up to $64” for trading it in. On eBay and CraigsList, I could get over $250 for it, since I just replaced the battery. Essentially the $200 discount disappears in the difference.

    This isn’t all that much of a loss-leader for T-Mobile; it is just a gimmick to lure people to buy.

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