FBI agent texts criticize Apple: ‘Now if Tim Cook would fall off the face of the earth’

Business Insider has searched through thousands of text messages released by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

The messages are between Peter Strzok, an FBI counterintelligence agent, and Lisa Page, a lawyer for the FBI, who were involved in an extramarital affair at the time.

Some snippets:

• Discussing why Apple would not create special software to unlock the San Bernadino terrorist’s iPhone: “And what makes me really angry about that Apple thing? The fact that Tim Cook plays such the privacy advocate,” Peter Strzok, an FBI counterintelligence agent, wrote on February 9, 2016. “Yeah, jerky, your entire OS is designed to track me without me even knowing it.”

“I know. Hypocrite,” Lisa Page, a lawyer for the bureau, replied minutes later.

• “And what makes me really angry about that Apple thing? The fact that Tim Cook plays such the privacy advocate,” Strzok wrote.

“I know. Hypocrite,” Lisa Page, a lawyer for the bureau, replied minutes later.

“Ha, I had mine already turned off. Apparently I’m paranoid,” Strzok wrote, although it’s unclear which iPhone feature he’s talking about.

Strzok texts Page: “NYTimes.com breaking” and “You saw the byline, right?” Although there’s no link, it’s likely this story about the FBI’s Hillary Clinton investigation.

Page replies: “It helps that the Director and Deputy really hate these phones too. And really love their personal iPhones.” Strzok: “Now if Tim Cook would only fall off the face of the earth.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Government spooks and their mistresses who don’t value the privacy rights of American citizens and restrictions on the powers of government as provided by the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights? Shocking.

Tim Cook has some very admirable qualities. For just one example, his stance on privacy is important and unparalleled. We’re not sure we’d have such privacy with any other CEO this side of Edward Snowden. (Of course, Cook’s ability to make that a selling point is in question as the near total lack of privacy doesn’t seem to dissuade literally billions of people from surrendering it daily to FaceBook and Google.)MacDailyNews, November 21, 2017

People who value privacy and security use Apple products.MacDailyNews, September 12, 2015

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      1. Someone with new product vision and not just bottom line vision. Apple needs a well rounded product line and stop focusing on mobile.

        So tired of seeing Apple play catch-up and then just buying their way into a new product segment.

        1. So how else do you get into a new product segment, except by buying into it? You have to spend cash and resources and definitely not reinvent every wheel.
          You seem in denial that that is how industry works.
          MacOS – bought from Next.
          iPod – they bought the technology and the guy to develop it.
          Ax processors – the list of purchased companies is too long to make my point.
          None of these would exist without Apple buying in the technology and expertise to make them happen…and neither Apple or any other company would exist in the same form if they only sold what they could deliver without outside help.
          Get a job, learn how the world works before mouthing off. The traditional consumer computer market is all but irrelevant for the vast majority in today’s world. Do you really want Apple to leave all those $Bs on the table and watch another company run off with the ‘mobile’ spoils?
          I’d hazard a guess you couldn’t manage a piss-up in a brewery with such notions.

        1. “Maybe Scott “Faux Leather” Forstall?”

          “Skeuomorphism is the design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts.”

          Is this the Scott you are referring to? Two things:

          1) Scott masterfully carried out Steve’s visual direction.


          So, what exactly is your point? …

            1. No Libtard, NOTHING “faux” regarding President Trump — he is REAL, like it or not. As usual, you are TOTALLY CONFUSED.

              The numero uno FAUX presidential candidate in the history of the U.S. is none other than — Hillary!

              The first billionaire funded war chest candidate, the absolute celebrity Hollywood dahling, the overwhelming media dahling endorsed by editorial boards over 90% of the largest newspapers, her control of the DNC and burned Bernie and she lost, why?

              FAUX may FOOL most Democrats and their supporters, while the rest of down to earth Americans don’t even blink.

              Oh, you want something new?

              By Cathy Burke
              Thursday, 08 Feb 2018 8:35 PM

              President Donald Trump’s approval rating is now higher than former President Barack Obama’s on the same date of his first term, Rasmussen Reports daily tracking data shows.

              In its presidential daily tracking poll released Thursday, the Rasmussen Reports showed Trump’s approval at 48 percent, statistically tied with his disapproval rating of 50 percent.
              Obama’s approval was 46 percent Feb. 8, 2010, and his disapproval was at 54 percent.

              “Given the overwhelmingly negative coverage President Trump has received (in the 90 percent negative range) and the overwhelmingly positive coverage President Obama enjoyed . . . these approval polls reveal a public that has tuned out the mainstream media’s nattering against the president,” Thomas Lifson.

              Now, I do understand you did not see this non-stop on CNN or read it in the New York Times. They report on Trump’s poll numbers from their FAUX in-house poll perspective that show ONLY when he tanks. Too obvious we can’t rely anymore on the MSM for balanced coverage of our president …

            2. GoeB is still trying to perpetuate the idea of a beleaguered and persecuted Trump fighting for the people against the establishment conspiracy.

              We simply exchanged the “swamp” for the “cesspool” derived from the ramblings of a bloated, bloviating egomaniac with delusions of grandeur (and delusions of intelligence) and an addition to applause and approval (even imaginary approval).

              Spin it however you like, GoeB. We know you and your ilk on this forum and you cannot delude us with your crap.

            3. “Spin it however you like, GoeB. We know you and your ilk on this forum and you cannot delude us with your crap.”

              You have it exactly BACKWARDS.

              I also know you lefty snarky mocking clowns and your ILK denigrating a fighting president representing the people, fearless, and step by step draining the swamp. That would be the status quo in Washington you support and are clueless about.

              So how much extra was in your paycheck this month? Let me guess, you are incapabable of thanking the Republicans for allowing you to keep more of your hard earned money (unless you are on welfare). That’s fine, make sure you mail it back to Washington I’m sure they will give it, er, spend it for you …

    1. So Strzok blasts Tim Cook for not writing special software to let the FBI spy on iPhone users as they please, then labels him a hypocrite for tracking users without their knowledge. However, Strzok seems really glad he can turn tracking off.

      So either:
      Strzok knows it is complete horseshit that Apple is tracking users without their knowledge or he is a bigger hypocrite wanting to spy on iPhone users while wanting his own privacy.

    1. “Democrats: The Police State Party”

      Majority of states are GOP controlled.

      GOP states are passing laws allowing cops to stop brown people to check for immigration status.

      Congress is GOP controlled.

      The White House is GOP controlled.

      Former FBI director Comey is GOP.

      Former FBI Deputy Director Macabre is GOP.

      Special counsel Mueller is GOP.

      ICE under the guidance of Trump is illegally arresting detaining and deporting illegal immigrants without warrants or due process of law.

      Be weary of those spelling Freedom* and Liberty with an asterisk as the GOP do.

      1. Deep state hack, D.C. voted 90% for the most cheated on, most rape excusing DEMOCRAT in history. The entire bureacracy is overwhelmingly communist-left, thankfully they’re jumping ship en masse as with the EPA, good riddance to scummy people. Now its time to remove the criminal leftists using the intelligence apparatus to spy on everyone illegally. Purge the evil SOBs from the system. Guantanamo and waterboarding would be too soft a punishment for these progs.

        1. Q: Who is the only US President to have actual card-carrying members of the Communist Party in his family?

          A: The one who has not just one, but TWO, fathers-in-law who participated in Eastern European dictatorships.

          By the way, I don’t believe in guilt by association, but the Senator McCarthy clones around here obviously do.

          1. No, GeoB, not a tangent. Nick accused Trump’s opponents of being “communist-left” without a shred of evidence. As I said, the only verified Communists anywhere in this picture are either Russian or Eastern European, and Mr. Trump married into two of those Communist families.

            Your gang spent ten years playing guilt-by-association between Mr. Obama and almost everybody he ever met… but you are willing to ignore the fact that someone raised in an actual Communist Party family is living in the White House. Our Commander-in-Chief sent his eldest son to a Communist country every year to spend the summer with folks who were helping the Russians to run it.

            No, I am not accusing the President of being a communist, just pointing out the hypocrisy of a double standard that ignores his connections while trumpeting Obama’s.

            It is another example of people who never matured past being schoolhouse bullies. The rules only apply to the other guy, so you can safely subject them to verbal and physical abuse knowing they won’t strike back. The guy who picked on me in fourth grade always made sure that I had no opportunity to push him after he physically pushed me without getting myself in trouble. Your guy can ignore the intelligence community to declassify a memo that serves his political purposes, while blaming the FBI when he refuses to allow the other side a chance to reply. Same song, second verse.

            I eventually figured out that schoolhouse bullies are people who are fighting to assert their masculinity in the face of their inner doubts. If they can physically abuse other men and sexually harass or abuse women, it briefly makes them feel manly. I finally learned to simply laugh in the face of these pathetic losers.

            1. Of course, I am totally batsh*t and apesh*t crazy and my deluded ramblings are likely the residue of the consumption of copious amounts of wood alcohol. If I were sane, I would realize how stupid and ignorant Trump actually is…

            2. GoeB
              Tuesday, February 13, 2018 – 1:25 pm ·
              Of course, I am totally batsh*t and apesh*t crazy and my deluded ramblings are likely the residue of the consumption of copious amounts of wood alcohol. If I were sane, I would realize how stupid and ignorant Trump actually is…

              For the record: Someone dishonestly posing as me using my screen name (see post above) is trying to put words in my mouth. I did not write it, but it is a good lesson in low level scum …

          2. Senator McCarthy was one of the greatest heroes in American history. Unfortunately the U.S. government and media had been taken over by communists and their lefty fellow travelers by the time he got wind of their treason. Communism is leftism is treason.

        2. If you think establishment Democrats are politically communist-left, you are woefully ignorant of political philosophy. They are almost entirely as capitalist as Republicans, and I hate them for it. How about that?
          And, to somehow blame Democrats for the surveillance state as if Republicans would be better is insane. I blame them BOTH, because both parties have a huge internal majority that is in favor of a police state. They have slightly different reasons for supporting a police state, but what they share in common is making sure that grossly rich people get to keep robbing the poor and middle class to making themselves even richer. The police state makes sure that system can stay in place.

          If you want to rebel against being mistreated, Nick, I’d advise you to figure out who’s mistreating you and to make sure you aren’t treating half of your abusers as if they are your friends. The Republicans love a police state at least as much as the Democrats do, so your focus on the D’s is misguided, at best. Don’t let right-wing authoritarians control your life by pointing the finger at some group and saying “they are solely to blame” while the RW authoritarians gradually use that to control your whole life. You want to be free? Don’t buy into lies that “it’s just those people” who are trying to take away your freedom.

          1. The average poster here possesses not one scintilla of critical thinking, even a casual acquaintance with ‘irony’ and certainly lacks all knowledge of the business of politics beyond their own crazed opinions of what is good for the US and it’s citizens.
            Polarization is route one to an authoritarian disaster. That and mind boggling naivety about the rest of the world is the true evil.

          2. Thanks for the lecture. You’re under the false assumption that communism refers to “the people own the means of production” or some such bullshit, it never did. The Red Chinese are pretty capable capitalists themselves, it’s about control, that’s entirely the left’s domain. I have no love lost for most Republican Congressmen, they are globalist hacks mostly, but they don’t outright hate America and Americans like the modern-day Democrat party does. Leftism is cancer.

            1. Nick: hypocrite much?

              Tell us on what soil you are standing on now Nick. You take pot shots at “globalists” but you are posting to a right wing nationalist USA website from Europe. You cheer when a multinational corporation sells you products with chips designed in Israel, hardware in California, and styling from wherever Jony Ive is hiding, with lots of korean memory and displays, all assembled in China with European profits funneled from your country through Ireland to the Jersey Islands. Raw materials for your Apple gadget came from every corner of the earth. Only worldwide trade makes modern electronics even possible, and you take it all for granted. Halt the brainless anti-trade, anti-migration comments, lest you come off as stupid as Trump.

            2. ” Raw materials for your Apple gadget came from every corner of the earth. Only worldwide trade makes modern electronics even possible, and you take it all for granted.”

              How do you know Nick takes it for granted, Sarah? No matter, just another typical assumption.

              I think we all know here on a tech forum where parts come from since this has been the basis of trade for hundreds of years. So, your point is?

              The POINT you BOTH are talking about is FAIR trade versus UNFAIR trade that benefits insiders (globalists included). The president has railed against passed NAFTA (Clinton) and canceled TTP (Obama).

              Fingers crossed he cleans up the mess brokered by Democrats that benefit their friends and connections.

              “Halt the brainless anti-trade, anti-migration comments, lest you come off as stupid as Trump.”

              Well, you’re not coming off as exactly intelligent with a typical partisan cheap shot …

      2. Lmao. “ICE…is ILLEGALLY arresting detaining and deporting ILLEGAL immigrants without warrants or due process of law.”
        I won’t call you a bunch of names because I’m sure you deeply believe in what you wrote but that is a very ignorant sentence.
        Due process of law and warrants are for use on citizens. Illegal immigrants are fair game for arrest and immediate deportation the instant they become illegal immigrants.
        Argue human rights all you want but that’s the law. It’s always been the law.
        ICE under Trump is enforcing this law. It is not illegal for them to do their job

        1. Absolutely untrue.

          The Fourteenth Amendment provides: “No State shall … deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

          Different rules apply at or near a point of entry or international border, but once a person has entered the United States and submitted to its jurisdiction, equal protection and due process (including the warrant requirements and other protections of the Bill of Rights) apply to that person exactly as they do for a citizen.

          The federal courts have been enforcing those rights for well over a century. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Zadvydas vs. Davis (2001) that “once an alien enters the country, the legal circumstance changes, for the due process clause applies to all persons within the United States.”

          That’s the law. It’s been the law since 1868.

          1. Ahhh, a “moron” does not run for his first election for president and beat 16 professional politicians in the GOP field, then move on to beat the first billionaire funded candidate and media DAHLING in history. Get a grip …

            1. “Trump can’t put two words together without it being a lie.”

              Wow, you certainly live in an EXTREME alternative world. Are you possibly confused and instead referring to the political lying couple of all time?

              Granted, President Trump exaggerates particularly when cheerleading for the country. That is much different from an intentional life of deceit and calculated lies from the Clintons. We see it differently.

              “He ran for president before under a different party”

              And when was that? Doesn’t really matter. He is a first time politician, with ZERO EXPERIENCE, whether he ran before or not.

              Remarkable historic win …

            2. A little Trump history…
              1987-1988: Trump considers a run for president, while simultaneously juggling large debts stemming from his purchase of the Taj Mahal casino.

              2000: Trump enters the presidential race as a Reform Party candidate and receives more than 15,000 votes in the party’s California primary.

              2003-2004: Trump begins hosting the reality show The Apprentice on NBC, which he also executive-produces. He again mulls a run for president, but ultimately decides not to join the race.

              March 2011: A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Trump leading all presidential contenders, including Mitt Romney.

              April 2011: Amid more research polls indicating that he would be the preferred Republican presidential candidate among voters, Trump repeatedly calls for President Obama to release his long-form birth certificate, questioning whether Obama was actually born in the United States. (Obama eventually complies and releases the birth certificate.)

              Note: Trump has never released his tax returns (scared of revealing his criminal activities)

              May 2011: Trump officially announces that he will not run for president.

              And so on…

              If only this chain of events took a different path after 2011, this country and the world would be far better off.

            3. I have since LEARNED Trump ran for president more than once, according to posts. Have not fact checked.

              That’s quite a synoptic resume of Trump and taking all that time, whether you like him, or not …

      1. This is not “Republican vs. Democrat.”

        This is status quo (swamp) vs. change agent (swamp drainer).

        The status quo (government, those beholden to gov’t, mainstream media, entertainment industries, etc.) is trying to protect itself from disruption using any means possible, including abusing FISA warrants based on baseless opposition research to spy on U.S. presidential candidates and their campaigns.

        The status quo regards President Trump as a cancer. Those who recognize the monumental corruptness and colossal waste of the entrenched status quo regard President Trump as the cure.

        You can view all mainstream media, special counsels, political rhetoric, etc. through that prism and it all becomes crystal clear even to anyone who is as confused as bjr001, DavGreg, Wrong Again, etc.

        1. Trump is the swamp monster. He has appointed Foxes to watch the henhouse- not reformers.

          I understand the whole argument- I know plenty of Trump voters who think he is an idiot, but will break things so badly we will have to start over. That is like killing a pet because it peed on your carpet.

          BTW- the Party of Fiscal Responsibility will need to borrow $1 Trillion for your deficit. Obama’s last one was about half that much.

          And no, I didn’t vote for Obama and am not a Democrat.

            1. Most of the Debt accrued under Obama was programmed spending via entitlements- when x number of people are unemployed they get benefits. He inherited an economy that was shedding better than 900,000 jobs a month. That makes for a lot of unemployed people.

              Still, Trump will be running about a Trillion Deficit in his first budget year. With a GOP House and Senate.

          1. You’re a Bernie hack that is worse than the two-party dreg driving the bus. Please lay out how a Bernie-minded govt would lift us out of the spending morass and please stop hiding behind the “I’m not a R/D, Obama/Hillery supporter” and be transparent as to who you advocate. Would you please sell how left-of-liberal would be a good path to adopt?

            1. We could start by pulling our military out of about a dozen places they do not belong currently.

              We can then cancel a lot of useless spending on weapons systems we do not need or are not worth the money. The GOP is forcing the Army to buy tanks they do not want or need, for example. We also do not need to spend the obscene amounts to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.

              We do not need a new generation of Quarter Mile Long Aircraft Carriers that are not proven to be able to survive in a war against a capable opponent.

              The US Navy’s carriers would be among the very first targets in an all out war and are sitting ducks.

              The Air Force’s B-21 Bomber will be obsolete the first time one is deployed. In the age of missiles and drones it is simply not needed.

              The USMC has morphed from Naval Light Infantry designed for raids and boarding ships into a parallel Army complete with it’s own Air Force. We do not need 2 Armys and the Marines do not need their own planes. The US Army has shown itself quite capable of Amphibious warfare- Operations Normandy (D-Day), Torch (North Africa), Husky (Sicily), Dragoon (Southern France) Avalanche (Mainland Italy) and Operations Musketeer I, II, and III (Philippines) were all done by the Army- not the Marines, for example.

              As a Veteran who once held US and NATO clearances during the Cold War, I understand the need for a strong defense, but also know there is incredible waste and programs are more often driven by home state jobs more than the security needs of our nation.

      2. The man might have some good points to make, but he isn’t God Almighty. The notion that we should view the world through his prism is idolatrous.

        For many (not all) of those who view the world through the prism that President Trump is the cure, it is also clear that all immigrants are rapists, all poor people are lazy, all our foreign allies are inconsequential, all the good guys have white hats and white faces, all of the Bill of Rights is there to subvert, and all women are just genitals to grab.

        1. This is not President Trump’s prism. The prism reveals reality:

          This is status quo (swamp) vs. change agent (swamp drainer). The status quo regards President Trump as a cancer. Those who recognize the monumental corruptness and colossal waste of the entrenched status quo regard President Trump as the cure.

          When you recognize that the entrenched status quo will resort to any means necessary, legal or illegal, moral or immoral, to defend itself, everything that happens from TV talking heads to leaked FBI texts to special investigations becomes as clear as day.

        2. “For many (not all) of those who view the world through the prism that President Trump is the cure, it is also clear that all immigrants are rapists, all poor people are lazy, all our foreign allies are inconsequential, all the good guys have white hats and white faces, all of the Bill of Rights is there to subvert, and all women are just genitals to grab.”

          Well, once again good to read the FAKE CONSERVATIVE is standing up for his team. Say, have Democrats done anything wrong the last eight years or is our current state of affairs 100% to blame on Republicans? I await your answer …

          1. Back when Obama was President, I frequently criticized his administration for quite a lot of things that were actually relevant to the focus of this website, like their policies towards antitrust and privacy. I don’t waste energy criticizing Obama any more because he isn’t President any more. Hillary Clinton never was President, and Bill Clinton hasn’t been President for over seventeen years. Criticizing them is irrelevant to our current national situation.

            Our country has plenty of problems inherited from prior administrations, Democratic and Republican alike. I personally think that respect for the dignity of individual human beings is the way forward. Engaging in constitutionally dubious practices with no apparent motivation other than greed, xenophobia, and sexual piggery isn’t.

            As recently as two years ago, most Republican voters and public officials would have agreed with me. Apparently, most of them have suffered a spinectomy since then. I haven’t. That doesn’t make me a Democrat or a liberal.

            1. ” That doesn’t make me a Democrat or a liberal.”

              What you claim to be and how you are registered is of ZERO consequence.

              What you WRITE speaks volumes. You claiming to be a straight Republican is akin to Bill Clinton saying he did not have sex with that woman or Obama saying your premiums will go down and you can keep your doctor.

              Typical Democrat DECEIT …

            2. Down here in Texas, a “Republican” is somebody who votes in the Republican primary, supports Republicans over the Democrats running against them, votes for Republicans, and supports Republican principles like limited government, low taxes, and adherence to the United States Constitution, even when doing so is inconvenient.

              We do not define “Republican” as a white male who supports Donald Trump even when he violates every Republican principle I just listed. I’m sorry, but many Republicans like me do not share your obsession with the man. We just don’t find him that attractive.

    2. Speaking of police states…

      (1) In August 2016, it was widely reported when Kim Jong-un noted that a senior official from the Education Ministry had apparently fallen asleep while the Dear Leader was addressing a meeting. The official, Ri Yong Jin, was immediately taken into custody, then transported to a nearby military academy where his disrespect was terminated with an anti-aircraft gun.

      (2) In January 2018, it was widely reported when Donald Trump noted that several members of Congress were not applauding while the President was addressing a meeting. The President called this “un-American,” adding, “Shall we call that treason? Why not? I mean, they certainly don’t seem to love our country very much.” Treason, as the only crime defined in the US Constitution, is punishable by death.

      Perhaps the two men have more in common than just bad hair. Calling someone a traitor is never a joke. It is a death threat. Threatening to jail your political opponents because you disagree with their policy decisions is the North Korean way. It is not the American Way.

      1. How does that compare to an “insurance policy” by the FBI coupled with illegally spying against a political opponent by the Obama Administration? The Democrat communists in Congress are traitors, they hate America and wan’t Americans replaced with third world peasants.

      2. The Democrat Party refused to even applaud, much less stand, for the following during President Trump’s 2018 SOTU address, a partial list:

        • Standing for the National Anthem
        • The motto “In God We Trust”
        • The biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history (letting citizens keep more of their money)
        • African American unemployment at the lowest rate ever recorded (understandable that they dont want to acknowledge this because if blacks ever stopped voting in lockstep for the Democrat Party, it would cease to exist in one election cycle)
        • Giving U.S. veterans choice in their healthcare decisions

    3. Trump Republicans: the Party of Mother Russia, murderers, oligarchs, and money launderers. And the party of morality & family values …except when it is the party of adultery with porn stars, wife beaters, and junior-high school level critical thinkers like Devin Nunes.

      Republicans _used to be_ the party of law and order. Except for some inexplicable reasons — NOT! — with Trump, Republicans are dumping on the FBI and DOJ. That makes Republicans the party of discord, dishonesty, and vested self-interests.

  1. This makes the Watergate coverup look like nothing.

    The texts magically become available on May 17, 2017, which just so happens to be the very day Mueller was appointed to serve as Special Counsel in an investigation based on a phony dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and subsequently used as the basis for a FISA warrant so the outgoing administration could spy on a U.S. Presidential candidate and President-elect via weaponized U.S. intelligence agencies.

    What a coincidence!

    Obama thought that with all this inside information on the Trump campaign in the hands of Hillary and her campaign team, even she couldn’t lose. And after her easy victory, Hillary would be in control of the Department of Justice. So who would ever investigate or prosecute?

    These are the same people who successfully “fixed” the primaries for Hillary. They cheated Bernie Sanders. They even gave CNN’s presidential debate questions to Hillary in advance. These are the same people who used the IRS to destroy Obama’s leading media critics and slow tea party fundraising and activism to a trickle during the 2012 Obama re-election run. This is a REAL attempt to “fix” the U.S. Presidential election, folks.

    If all of this ever comes out – and good luck pinning it on America’s untouchable first black ex-president despite the obviousness of the evidence – it’ll make Watergate look like nothing.

    1. The day The Muslim Usurper is perpwalked across Pennsylvania Avenue, a cry of freedom will go up not heard since Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt.

      M A G A

      1. It’ll never happen.

        To quote myself from 2013:

        1. IRS targeting citizens based on political affiliation. (Try real hard to imagine a Republican president doing such a thing to Liberal groups. It would never happen, but if it did, try to imagine him not being impeached and hounded out of office by now.)

        2. Lying about the death of four Americans in Benghazi in order to get reelected. (Try real hard to imagine a Republican president doing such a thing. It would never happen, but if it did, try to imagine him not being impeached and hounded out of office by now.)

        3. NSA overreach and data collection that was used by the campaign for Obama’s reelection and God knows what else. (Try real hard to imagine a Republican president doing such a thing. It would never happen, but if it did, try to imagine him not being impeached and hounded out of office by now.)

        4. Obama’s DOJ secretly collecting phone records of several Associated Press reporters and editors. (Try real hard to imagine a Republican president doing such a thing. It would never happen, but if it did, try to imagine him not being impeached and hounded out of office by now.)

        5. Obama’s DOJ searching Fox News reporter James Rosen’s private emails and the Obama administration fighting to keep the search warrant for Rosen’s private e-mail account secret. (Try real hard to imagine a Republican president doing such a thing to, say, CBS News. It would never happen, but if it did, try to imagine him not being impeached and hounded out of office by now.)

        Nothing will come of any of this because Obama is the U.S.’s “First Black President” and a Democrat (supposedly) and therefore every failure (far too numerous to list here – Obamacare being the biggest) will be whitewashed to death and pooh-poohed away. History will be revised – or the Lib “historians” will attempt it at least – and he will never be overly criticized or held accountable for his very large failures and crimes by either the mainstream media or the justice system. If he wasn’t half black, just some other white guy, he’d be ranked below Jimmy Carter and begging blithering Biden for a pardon.

        Microsoft sues U.S. Customs for failing to enforce Google phone ban

    2. Hmmm, quite the fix that… didn’t even work 🙂

      The only thing I fault Trump for is for figuring out how to REALLY rig an election, making it actually WORK and then denying it. I still say if you just stare the liberals in the face and say “YOU WILL NEVER WIN ANOTHER ELECTION BECAUSE RUSSIANS”… what the hell could ANYONE do? House? Nope. Supreme Court? Nope. Senate? Nope. Executive branch? Nope. Get it out there, get it confirmed and it would all be old news in two months tops. Then destroy the democrats in November.

      Any conservative that would not vote for such a masterful operator is just a RINO.

  2. As usual, more hate for Apple and Tim Cook. I just don’t understand it. There are hundreds of companies that are less successful than Apple and they’re not constantly being harassed by the news media. Apple is always stressing personal privacy but it seems most consumers don’t care anything about privacy. It would seem as though Apple is wasting its time trying to protect consumers if they don’t appreciate it. That’s why Facebook, Alphabet and many other social app companies are wildly successful while Apple takes the crap. Exactly who is praising Apple for protecting citizen’s privacy? No one.

  3. This is a good sign that ethics and morality are alive and well at Apple. Sure there is a gain by allowing a back door to gain insight into crime, but it’s highly offset by the plethora of crimes that would be committed once that backdoor becomes accessible to others and it would.

    Apple should have a special entrance for the FBI with the following:

    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

    That’s from article 12 of the universal declaration of human rights, you know the document that Apple’s home nation is currently using as toilet paper even tough they signed it.

      1. The signature of the document by your nation and subsequent actions of your country point out what most people know.

        A country with a backbone would sign it and live up to it as best they can, a country with a backbone would not sign it if they knew they were not up to the task. A gutless cowardly spineless nation would sign it and ignore it with a fuck you attitude.

        Just saying.

          1. Yeah, about 10 years after your allies started defending you, glad you finally joined that team, though it is sad to see you leave.
            Pay down you war mongers. Oh wait, that’s not until 2024, no sense whining about that until then, unless of course…

            1. That will be easy to do around 2024 that’s the agreement. It will be easy because it’s money, unlike the situation your country finds itself in, innocent blood on the hands isn’t easy to clean off.

              So I’ve heard.

      2. Re Botty:
        You do know we founded the UN and had a large hand in writing that stuff, right?
        The UN has a lot of problems just as the Federal Government does.

        US – 1 seat at the UN 323 Million citizens.
        Fiji – 1 seat at the UN 898,760

        California- 2 US Senators 39,250,000 citizens
        North Dakota- 2 US Senators 757,952 citizens

        To put a sharper pencil on it:
        Los Angeles County, California – 10,170,000 (2015)
        No UN roperesentation

        Israel – 8,547,000
        1 seat in the UN

        Manhattan (New York county/borough) 1,645,000
        No Senators
        Wyoming 585,501
        2 Seantors

        1. From CBS San Francisco:

          The number of people packing up and moving out of the Bay Area just hit its highest level in more than a decade.

          Carole Dabak spent 40 years living in San Jose and now she’s part of the mass exodus that is showing no signs of slowing down.

          The retired engineer’s packing up and calling it quits about to move to the state of Tennessee.

          “I loved it here when I first got here. I really loved it here. But it’s just not the same,” Dabak said.

          1. Cost of living. Everybody cannot live in the Bay Area just like everybody cannot live in Hawaii.

            I used to live in Florida many millions of people ago. Somewhere along the way, what was once wonderful was lost.

            I live in metro Memphis area and we are seeing a lot of people from Cali coming back to retire- a lot of people moved to Cali from the the 1920s-50s from the South and many still have roots here. A 1600 sq ft ranch house they can sell for better than half a million can buy a very nice and much larger house here and leave over a couple of hundred thousand Dollars. The taxes, utilities, insurance and groceries are less as well.

            San Francisco is a wonderful place, it just has about twice as many people as it can stand. That and a very bad case of NIMBYism.

      3. Well, yes, the US has a constitution. Or, at least, once had one. But Trump and his Republican Russian collaborators are now debasing it as we speak. Treasonous.

  4. FBI agent Peter Strzok is a schmuck: it’s in reverse!! World citizens wish not Tim Cook but “Strzok would only fall off the face of the earth!” – people like you RAPE Everyone’s Constitutional RIGHTS!

    Besides, a Strzok, a lesson in history/democracy/freedom, from a bigger brain/heart than yours: Benjamin Franklin 1759
    “Those who would give up essential liberty
    to purchase a little temporary safety
    DESERVE neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  5. These may be the same agents who facilitated giving the OK of what Clinton calls “cash for trash” opposition research (which is discredited) as a basis for the FISA warrant for Obama to spy on candidate Trump.

    This Democrat hopes that Trump is a White Hat draining Black Hats from the Deep State swamp. The swamp to me means entrenched bureaucrats, Black Budgeted program managers, the 17 spy agencies, Soros and his friends, the major world banks, and corporate unions such as the Grocery Manufacturers Association or GMA that defeated Prop 37 in CA to mandate GMO labeling. I have an Apple app that counts the number of people who died as a result of Democrat De Leon refusing to pass CA Single Payer. These are all members of the Deep State swamp.

    Good luck to Trump but he’s doing bad stuff in the meantime.

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