Apple adds live news channels to TV app

“Apple today has further expanded its TV application on iOS and tvOS,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Following the addition of a dedicated Sports section a few months ago, users can now use the TV app to access live streaming news content from several different sources.”

“While not as extensive as the Sports interface, the News section in the TV app allows users to instantly access live streaming news content from several different networks,” Miller reports. “You get direct access to CBS News, CNN, Fox News, Cheddar, CNBC, and Bloomberg.”

Miller reports, “If you don’t have the dedicated application for one of those networks installed, tvOS or iOS will prompt you to install it directly from the App Store.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Slowly, but surely, Apple’s TV app gains functionality!


    1. You cut your credibility-legs off regularly w/ such comments.
      Also, your transposing technique is very catchy and so juvenile for a middle-age man.

      1. “Fox News” is a brand and not a statement of fact. It is the only “news” organization shown to make viewers less informed about current events.
        “Fair and Balanced” is a slogan and also not a statement of fact. They are not fair and are highly unbalanced.

        When the Murdochs decide to stop peddling fear, uncertainty and doubt for profit, people might take them seriously, Until that time, no. They are opinion radio masquerading as a news channel.

        Cheddar is a pretend news service for business and technology. Bloomberg is a real news service- worldwide with over 2,700 journalists and market analysts and broadcasts 24/7/365. Terminal users pay about $24,000 a seat for full access, but anyone can watch the TV feed, listen to the radio feed or use the website content.

        1. Talking about people (Fox, et all) vs ideas is easy and essentially a bromide. It sounds like you’re propaganda-stuck. If you don’t think the same bromide “claiming that everyone else is lying to you” as well, you definitely do have bias blockage. I just heard one on the lib side stating they needed to dedicate someone to do a morning “fact check” of the con side. Fits your definition above of cult to me.

          1. I’m not on the “lib”side. The world is not a coin with two sides and a continent spanning nation with over 300 million people can House more than two schools of thought.

            The MSM is not liberal- it is corporate. Taken as such it can still be useful.

            Ronald Reagan used to like to quote an old Russian saying “trust, but verify”. That should be applied to any news outlet. Likewise, Lincoln put a known thief in a Secretary of War with the Civil War looming. Despite the guy being a crook, with a close eye he proved to be an effective Officer of the government.

            The conservatives have been offering up the “liberal media” mantra longer than most who say it have lived. It was not true then and is not now. The problem with their argument is that it does not stand up to close scrutiny. As the old saying goes- you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

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