Microsoft Surface Pro screens keep dying

“Microsoft Surface Pro 4 owners are up in arms over what they claim is an ongoing epidemic of screen failures blighting their expensive fondleslabs.,” Shaun Nichols reports for The Register.

“Disgruntled punters on the Redmond support forums and the dedicated independent website say their tablets are prone to a hardware glitch that causes the display to become blurry or annoyingly flicker, rendering the gear useless,” Nichols reports. “The electronics cockup was first complained about around this time last year, however, the underlying issue doesn’t appear to be fixed, and people are to this week upset that their tablets are still going bonkers.”

“They claim the touchscreens usually go nuts one to two hours after powering up, making the screen all but impossible to read and operate. This usually kicks off after about a year of use, we’re told,” Nichols reports. “Over on, netizens allege they have had to have their screens replaced multiple times, only to have the flickering problem return. Some folks have even stuck the slabs in freezers to cool down the hardware to, in some cases, alleviate the issue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: They ought to stick their heads in freezers in the hope that’ll jar them awake.

Get a real iPad Pro, dummies!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]


  1. Maybe they need new batteries, or the operating system does not have a battery management feature so the surface does what it does.

    Then again it might be a feature, letting those who got suckered into it that they have been micro softied.

  2. No surprise, even CR reported they were crap. Samsung’s explode, and people here whine about notches and surprise battery management. Not even Steve Jobs was perfect- though we will probably not see the likes of him again in our lifetimes, but I continue to stick with Apple, flaws and all.

  3. Digital trends, April 2017, “8 annoying iPad problems” for some owners:

    Can’t connect to Wi-Fi
    Screen freezing during use
    Battery life is poor, drains when charging
    Smart Keyboard not working
    Unable to view and play videos
    iPad Pro won’t charge
    No app or system sounds

    All these are occurring for a subset of owners.

    Oh and let’s not forget iPhone battery gate, currently causing the threat of a class action lawsuit.

    So I guess by your logic here, iPad and iPhone are POS and the people who buy them are dummies!

    Thanks for helping me to understand clear logic.

    Now maybe we can talk about growing up?

      1. Understood. And I’ve never had the screen problem with both surfaces I’ve owned.

        Which is exactly why MDN calling every user a dummy for this isolated issue is completely off base, not to mention rude and immature.

        Thanks for helping me make the point.

    1. Yes. And the issues I’ve mentioned above. And Apple has bricked large sets of iPads with iOS updates. And we could go on.

      The point being – this comment by MDN is immature and in a bubble.


    “Apple confirms iPhones have serious problems..iPhone X Forgets To Be A Phone”

    hundreds of owners have complained on Apple forums that their pocket supercomputer cannot accomplish the most basic task that even a $10 phone can manage, namely taking an incoming call.”

    Where’s the report on this MDN?

    So hypocritical.

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