Man charged over ‘FruitFly’ Creepsterware; spied on users via infected Windows PCs’ and Macs’ cameras and microphones

“Earlier this year Forbes reported on an especially creepy strain of malware known as FruitFly targeting Apple Macs,” Thomas Fox-Brewster reports for Forbes. “At the time, it was unclear just what the spy tool was for, though it appeared to be used for surveilling people’s personal Macs, in particular peeping at them through their webcam.”

“Now the U.S. Department of Justice has unveiled an indictment against 28-year-old North Royalton, Ohio, resident Phillip Durachinsky, who is not only accused of spying on Apple Mac owners via Fruitfly but also of producing child pornography,” Fox-Brewster reports. “Prosecutors alleged Durachinsky had been installing spyware on people’s PCs for more than 13 years ‘”in order to watch, listen to, and obtain personal data from unknowing victims.'”

“FruitFly was capable of stealing files, pilfering passwords, as well as turning on the microphone and the camera,” Fox-Brewster reports. “Durachinsky would listen in on people’s conversations and watch them in secret, whilst taking detailed notes of his alleged snooping, the DoJ said. In some cases, FruitFly would alert him when the victim was searching for pornography, according to the indictment. FruitFly didn’t only work on MacOS, Durachinsky had developed a Windows version too, the DoJ claimed.”

“‘For more than 13 years, Phillip Durachinsky allegedly infected with malware the computers of thousands of Americans and stole their most personal data and communications,’ said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan,” Fox-Brewster reports. “A spokesperson from the Ohio brach of the DoJ said Durachinsky was arrested in January last year and has been in custody ever since.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yuck.

Call us paranoid, but… that’s why we use camJAMR Webcam Covers on our Macs. They’re black, so they work perfectly with our iMacs and they’re removable/reusable. We’ve stuck and unstuck them hundreds of times. We just leave them on and peel them aside when we want to use the FaceTime HD camera cameras.

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  1. I’ve had tape over my webcams since they first appeared, and my sound input device is a desktop microphone that I have to turn on each time I want anyone to hear what I’m saying. There ain’t nuthin’ that ain’t hackable. We had our few years of “Security through Obscurity.” Now the only advantage we have is that Macs are somewhat harder to hack than PCs. Somewhat.

  2. I will be curious to hear the details of this exploit. I’ve heard many scary tales of possible surreptitious recording on Macs, but I’ve never seen it explained how someone can remotely turn on your camera and disable the activation light.

    1. Malware is generally loaded onto Macs by some sort of social engineering. People are tricked into downloading an app which does something sinister in addition to what it’s supposed to do. Hence the oft-repeated advice to only download software from places where you know you can trust them.

  3. Great argument for a headless Mac. The 4K Monitor I am sitting in front of does not have an integrated microphone or camera- can’t hack what is not attached.

    Right now only the Trashcan and Mac mini- both way long in the tooth- have that feature. Laptops and iMacs have both.

  4. Where I work the Dell cash registers have sliding caps over the web cams. They also have HDMI input, more USB ports, and easier access to both USB ports ports and the card reader. There used to be a time when Dell couldn’t do ANYTHING better then Apple. What’s been going wrong?

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