Niantic CEO: Apple iPhones are the best way to play new ‘Pokémon Go’ version

“‘Pokémon Go’ is moving into a different dimension on the iPhone, thanks to software that allows the game to play new tricks with its menagerie of digital critters,” The Associated Press reports. “An upcoming game update relies on built-in Apple software called ARKit that gives the iPhone’s new ways to serve as a portal into augmented reality.”

“John Hanke, CEO of ‘Pokémon Go’ creator Niantic, believes iPhones equipped with Apple’s AR software now offer the best way to play the game. That’s an ironic twist because Niantic spun out of Google,” AP reports. “Hanke played a key role in build Google Maps, one of the most frequently used apps on Android phones.”

“Apple’s AR technology works on iPhones dating back to the 2015 iPhone 6S, a line-up that encompasses an estimated 200 million to 300 million devices, including iPads,” AP reports. “‘Pokémon Go’ has offered an AR option since its release 17 months ago, but Apple’s technology is more advanced than what the game has been using.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple iPhones have always been the best way to play “Pokémon Go” or use any app (not artificially crippled by Google), for that matter. Apple’s A-Series processors run rings around the iPhone knockoffs and developers code for iPhone first and port lowest common denominator versions to Android, if they port at all.

Anyway, we’re well off the back end of this fad, but maybe a new ARKit-based Pokémon Go” version with rock solid AR will ignite a mini frenzy for iPhone users.

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