1. I like the old logo with pencils and ruler better. Apple go back to the old way, say you’re sorry, reduce legal fees and concentrate on the new Mac Pro or updating the Mac mini…….


  2. Another waste of time and resources. they aren’t even in the same industry or business.. no one is going to get confused by an App Store icon vs a label on a shirt or pants etc.

  3. Looks pretty clear cut to me, regardless of all the Apple progression the logo for the app store platform started in 2010, KON as MDN points out started before that in 2009.

    Then again, three sticks to use a triangle, that goes way back.

  4. If Apple were selling clothing, or KON were selling apps, they might have a point. But trademarks are, in general, business-area-limited; KON would have to demonstrate that they have shown an intention to be in the same business Apple is in, and demonstrate that there exists a brand confusion in the mind of a reasonable consumer who is looking either for clothes or apps.

    TL;DR? KON doesn’t have a case.

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