Apple makes Trump-friendly investment in Finisar

“Apple Inc. spends billions of dollars per year to tool up its manufacturing partners,” Dan Gallagher reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Still, $390 million may go further than many think.”

“That is how much the world’s most valuable company awarded Finisar Wednesday out of its ‘advanced manufacturing fund,'” Gallagher reports. “Apple created the $1 billion fund earlier this year to invest in U.S.-based manufacturing operations, not coincidentally after President Donald Trump spent his campaign lambasting the company for not building more of its products domestically.”

“In this case, it helps when politics combine with the law of supply and demand. Silicon Valley-based Finisar makes vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, or VCSELs. These are key components in the types of 3-D sensing arrays that Apple uses in its iPhone X,” Gallagher reports. ” Investing in the Finisar plant located in Sherman, Texas, should help accomplish this aim and score the company some political points in the process…”

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MacDailyNews Take: This investment and, in fact, Apple’s entire Advanced Manufacturing Fund, is a smart move that works on multiple levels.

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  1. Thank you, President Trump, for working to create the climate where companies like Apple are compelled to invest in U.S. job creation instead of selling out the country like Clinton/Bush/Obama did with disastrous one-sided trade “deals” that screwed American workers in every way possible.


  2. How is this Trump friendly!? Doesn’t make much sense, except for trying to give credit to Trump for something he had absolutely nothing to do with.

    I’m pretty sure, Apple has partnered with this company for years now developing the components needed for Face ID. It only makes sense to help them tool up for higher production yields.

    Not the first time Apple has invested in a supplier/partner, American or foreign.

      1. I don’t recall anyone in 1942 saying, “Ford made a Roosevelt friendly investment”. Who talks that way? It’s not just incorrect, it’s hyper partisan.

        You propagandists really have your heads twisted around the wrong way. Companies make investments for one reason only: to make money. That’s it. No company exists to glorify your orange/gray haired pussy grabbing lame excuse for a competent executive.

    1. Throughout the election, Trump shamed Apple for their poor domestic employment efforts in local manufacturing. Trump pointed out relentlessly how to Apple, domestic jobs means importing the best minds it can find from India and elsewhere.

      Once Trump was in office, the shaming and singling out of Apple continued. That was the stick. Then came the carrot.

      What does Apple want most in the world? A tax holiday to repatriate billions in overseas funds. 8 years of whining to Obama did nothing for them. Cooperating with Trump has made sure that the tax holiday is in the Republican tax plan. And how does Apple respond? Hundreds of millions invested in American manufacturing.

      Now I know that liberals can only hear and understand certain words like, RACIST RACIST RACIST RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA HOMOPHOBE SEXIST SEXIST HATE HATE HATE, and so on, and while those few words are loud and bouncing around of the walls in their otherwise empty minds, they miss a great deal of reality, but surely you’ve seen this drama playing out in business publications?

      Oh, wait. You’re a mainstream media consumer I suppose. Never mind. Carry on. I think there’s someone convinced that Trump is satan on CNN tonight and he’s eating puppies on MSNBC. You wouldn’t want to miss that.

  3. This may be one of the stupidest headlines MDN has ever written. Apple isn’t doing anything for Trump. Cook is a more powerful person than Trump. Governments are falling over themselves to guve special breaks to companies like Amazon and Apple. Trump just fails over and over to get anyone to do anything by publically shaming them on his stupid twittr nonsense rants.

    Why are you posting anything about trump on an Apple blog anyway? Worried that Trump won’t get anything done in the last 3 years he’s got? Or are you realizing that midterm elections are going to stop the overreaching of the incompetent legislature. your misogynist party lost your AL senate seat, voters finally put their foot down when your extremist rightie who has twice been removed from office wasn’t even withdrawn by the ethics-free GOP. So now the endless pro-trymp bullshit is posted here in your vain attempt to make your party look competent. you must be desperate to be cheer leading the most useless corrupt and unethical government the US has seen in geneations.

  4. You sure got your panties in a twist over the most hardest working president for all the people. That would include disrespectful insulting clowns like you. If you don’t know how this affects Apple readers, then I can’t help clueless. Fingers crossed President Trump will do good for the country. Easy to read you don’t see it that way, pity …

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