Camera system shootout: iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus

“The iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus share a number of camera hardware specifications, causing some to wonder what’s different — and what’s the same — between the two devices,” AppleInsider writes. “First of all, the iPhone X gets the brand new TrueDepth camera system, capable of Face ID authentication and other features like selfie portrait mode. That said, the front-facing color camera incorporated as part of TrueDepth appears to be identical to the imager in the iPhone 8 Plus, so general image quality should be the same.”

“Both iPhones [rear camera systems] utilize 12-megapixel sensors, but the telephoto lens on the iPhone X gets optical image stabilization, meaning the camera sensor actually moves around and negates camera shake. The telephoto lens also goes from 57mm zoom to 52mm and scores a faster aperture of f/2.4 compared to f/2.8 on the 8 Plus. ,” AppleInsider writes. “As expected, the most substantial upgrade is the iPhone X’s telephoto lens. The imager’s stabilization makes for a sharper image and keeps photos nice and sharp, while boosting low light image quality. The iPhone X is definitely the clear winner here with the telephoto improvements and added features like Selfie Portrait mode.”

Read more, and see the head-to-head photo examples, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X camera systems do more and do it better than iPhone 8 Plus.

If you truly care about great photography, you own an iPhone.Vic Gundotra, Former Google Senior Vice President

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