Apple outbids Netflix for show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

“Apple Inc. ordered a TV series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, two of the most successful actresses of their generation, in the clearest sign yet of the tech giant’s intent to make a big splash in Hollywood,” Lucas Shaw reports for Bloomberg. “The Cupertino, California-based maker of iPhones and iPads outbid many of the TV industry’s biggest players, including Netflix Inc., and committed to producing two seasons. The as-yet unnamed show, the first recurring TV role for Aniston since ‘Friends,’ is set in the world of morning television, Apple said Wednesday.”

“The company has now signed up Steven Spielberg and two award-winning actresses for its foray into television programming. Apple has also committed to making ‘Amazing Stories,’ an anthology series produced by Spielberg and ‘Hannibal’ creator Bryan Fuller,” Shaw reports. “Former Sony Corp. executives Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht are overseeing the programming.”

“The morning show project is being run by Jay Carson, producer of ‘House of Cards,’ the political drama that put Netflix on the map as a home for premium original series,” Shaw reports. “Witherspoon and Aniston are also producing the project with former HBO executive Michael Ellenberg. CNN reporter Brian Stelter, author of Top of the Morning is a consultant on the project and his book will provide background material.”

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MacDailyNews Take: May it be wildly successful and move beaucoup Apple TV units!

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  1. 1) Netflix loses money. After you minus expenditure for content it’s a CASH NEGATIVE business. Analysts say it overspends on content.

    So why outbid Netflix? They have more experience, they are already known for being lavish content spenders.

    2) Maybe Apple should spend some of that money, talent on MAC MARKETING instead? You know the business that they treat like a pox ridden step child that just made them 7 billion dollars.
    (vs 4.8 b iPad and twice Apple TV, Beats, AirPods, Watch etc Combined)

    Here according to Wikipedia are 2 top grossing movies of all time , in adjusted for inflation dollars:

    Gone with the Wind: 3.4 billion
    Avatar: 3 billion

    see that? With ZERO MARKETING in a QUIET QUARTER, Macs just out grossed BOTH (with 7 b) highest grossing movies of all time !!!!

    So why aren’t they spending more energy on Mac (like some units are not updated for 4-5 years, the MBP is still 16 GB max after years, they have to sell external GPU solutions to Apple developers because Macs are so underpowered etc) instead of TV stuff?

    Are they able to produce two movies like Gone with the Wind or Avatar EVERY QUARTER and make 7 billion bucks ? (Hollywood can’t do it for decades )

    People tell me they are two DIFFERENT things Macs and TV but it’s seems Apple CAN’T DO BOTH.. you know walk and chew gum at same time, because they ARE neglecting the Mac . So if there’s a choice in priorities fix the Mac. Market the Mac.

    3) I know that MANY folks I’ve debated with LOVE Apple going into TV as it’s sexy, you’ve got ‘Movie STARS’, red carpets, Blondes with Big Boobs etc

    But even these dudes… you want ‘over the hill and rush down fast to the bottom ‘ Jennifer Anniston and R. W.Spoon ?

    surely a tech company like Apple should start off with some series with a cachet, maybe a Cult Following like the Star Trek Discovery series. I’m not saying the Discovery is the greatest since slice bread or anything but you can see the Marketing, Halo effect advantages of a show like that for Apple (a TECH company) vs Jennifer Anniston.

    Lots of people signed on to the service just to watch Discovery (when I read nerd pages), how many people are going to sign on or get an Apple Device JUST TO WATCH Jennifer Anniston? The only ones probably are the ones who can’t miss an episode of Planet of the Apps.

    Spend a BILLION on TV content and ZERO on Mac Ads, not even cheap web ads, no iPhone/Mac tie in promotions, no Mac social media ads , nothing… ??? as an aapl investor and Apple fan it Makes no sense to me.

    I believe that a bunch of people are just going to overspend Apples billions (made from iPhone, Mac etc) on Music, TV etc because they figure Apple bosses like Eddy Cue have no clue.
    (YES SPOTIFY which has DOUBLE Apple Music’s paid subscribers ALSO LOSES MONEY as I suspect Apple Music does too)

    ( I’m going to get one starred again, but I had to say the above.)

    1. Excellent earnings comparison and will gladly join you in excoriating Apple for NEGLECTING the MAC.

      Unlike you, I couldn’t care less about one or five star manipulated voting. Not now, not EVER.

      Lastly, good to read a movie with males and guns and pretty women STILL rules … ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

      1. 50yo have more money, and Apple’s entertainment offering locked to their hardware appliance is not the best or newest. Late to the party with 4K resolution, “original” programming like Carpool Karaoke and App Shark Tank…

        They’re clearly not targeting the young.

      1. I remember that show and was talking about it to people when Apple said they were doing Amazing stories.

        That episode was wonderful (a precursor of Saving Private Ryan in ‘combat tension’) UNTIL the silly ‘amazing’ part where they were saved with that cartoon wheel.

        I would be more happy with a Spielberg series like PACIFIC.
        Now that’s great TV .

  2. Jennifer Anniston and quality entertainment do not go hand in hand. She should quietly retire. Her movies tanked and none of the “Friends” crowd has done particularly well outside of that show, now ancient and passé. Not a win for Apple, just an act of desperation.

      1. I’ve worked with Halle Berry and she is gorgeous and sexy in person. I’ve also worked with Morgan Fairchild which is like working with someone with a similar skin texture of one of the simulcrum inhabitants of Madame Tussaud’s and so, not sexy. Ick.

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