Details leak on Intel’s upcoming Ice Lake CPU, 10nm schedule

“Intel has taken the unusual step of releasing (or leaking) information on the company’s next-next-generation processor,” Joel Hruska reports for ExtremeTech. “The new, 10nm chip will be codenamed Ice Lake and isn’t expected to debut until after Coffee Lake, which is expected to launch later this year on the 14nm++ process.”

“We already knew Intel was going to reveal new information on its upcoming CPU family on the 21st (the same day as the eclipse), but it’s rare for the company to let much slip about its hardware plans more than one generation at a time,” Hruska reports. “Anandtech thinks we’ll see Coffee Lake and 14nm++ as the only option on desktops, laptop parts are likely to be a mix of 14nm++ (at or above 35W), and 10nm will be reserved for 15W and lower-TDP parts. This would mimic how Intel debuted its 14nm technology and it makes sense — early in a process cycle, when yields are the worst, the best way to make certain you can minimize wafer cost is to build as many CPUs per wafer as possible.”

“As for why Intel’s 10nm timeline has slipped so much as to necessitate pushing 10nm back, Ars Technica reports hearing that the company had to reassign engineers from its 10nm process to fix issues it was having with 14nm,” Hruska reports. “This took long enough that the company couldn’t make up the difference and hit its original launch targets with 10nm. This isn’t particularly surprising, either, though it wouldn’t surprise us if Intel adopted a different tactic for its own process nodes going forward.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Intel’s “leak” seems like an effort to steal some media attention from rivals.

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