What is Apple’s Smart Connector, what can it do, and what’s next for it?

“Apple introduced its Smart Connector interface when it launched its iPad Pro range in September 2015,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “It’s a magnetic connection that provides data transfer and bi-directional power to a third-party accessory. What’s nice about the interconnect is that it recognizes and provides for an accessory almost instantly once the device and peripheral are magnetically docked.”

“Smart Connector is used with the Apple Smart Keyboard,” Evans writes. “There are two non-Apple accessories, both available from Logitech, the CREATE Keyboard and LOGI Base charging dock. That’s a situation Apple apparently wants to change.”

“anufacturers wishing to use the Smart Connector in their accessories must join Apple’s Made for iPad scheme to access the hardware and engineering information they need,” Evans writes. “To convince manufacturers that there is a good business case in the provision of Smart Connector accessories, Apple will have to incentivize them. How can it do this?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another way to incentivize third-party accessory makers to to feature them prominently in Apple Stores (both physical and online) and in iPad Pro marketing.

Apple says to stay tuned for iPad Pro Smart Connector accessories – August 14, 2017


  1. They can do whatever they want with the smart connector, but if they want it to succeed they should sell things at a price tag up to 50€. No more than that. My opinion.

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