Leaked Microsoft memo reveals failure-prone Surface Book suffers from high return rates

“Microsoft dismissed Consumer Reports’ Surface reliability ratings last week, but a new internal memo sheds some light on the issues that the software maker has faced,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge.

“Consumer Reports surveyed 90,000 tablet and laptop owners and found roughly 25 percent of Surface users have encountered issues by the end of the second year of ownership,” Warren reports. “Paul Thurrott has obtained an internal memo about Microsoft’s response to Consumer Reports, and it appears to suggest that high Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book return rates could have impacted Consumer Reports’ findings.”

“In a leaked chart, return rates for Surface Book hit around 17 percent during its launch period, and remained above 10 percent for six months,” Warren reports. “The Surface Book has suffered from consistently higher return rates than any other Surface product throughout the nearly two years it has been on sale.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Poof! So many Microsoft marketing dollars up in smoke! Oh, the humanity!

What do you expect from a second-rate bloatware producer that got rich from poorly mimicking Apple’s Mac? Microsoft doesn’t know how to produce quality hardware either. — MacDailyNews, August 10, 2017

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    1. The same people who make Apple products, but they make it to what the customer is willing to spend, Google,Microsoft, HP, Dell and Amazon won’t spend more on quality in comparison to Apple.

      1. “make” for contract manufacturers is sort of broad term.

        Foxconn etc can probably make standard components and shapes but they can also make them ACCORDING to YOUR SPECS i.e what type and how thick the aluminium, how wide the hinge, your own design power supply or standard etc. Apple for example has special aluminum specs (their formula for the new iPhones incidentally are way stronger than the older models — after ‘Bendgate’ hysteria ), their batteries are internally designed and are uniquely shaped to gain max space etc. Microsoft design specs (what type, how, where they position the hinges for example ) are probably way weaker than Apples, and probably use more off the shelf parts.

        (remember the first Xboxes were plagued with issues including overheating , ‘the ring of death’ freezing. If I remember correctly the warranty claims went to over a billion bucks — cancelling Xbox profits for several quarters. the Zune was a rebranded Toshiba Gigabeat player. )

        Apple has a way larger and better engineering and design team with a lot more experience (all the way back to Job’s garage ! (i.e Decades) with Jobs DNA for fanaticism in details .

  1. MS POS is as MS POS does. (Walk on by if you know what’s good for you.)

    Software or hardware quality control NOT their forte. But amusing to watch implode and fall all over themselves.

  2. Like this is news? Apple and the amazing fail rates of the g3 500 ibook and it’s de soldering video chip. Of the 15″ macbook pro with bad video issues. Or the ipod shuffle they were replacing with the newer belt clip one and on and on.

    Get over it people. It happens to them all, our beloved apple isn’t immune nor is any other tech company. Jumping on the I’m smarter cause I don’t use MS is total crap

    Still glad I’m a mac users though

  3. It’s kind of sad really. You know there have got to be good people working at MS at some level in the organization. But their hard work and drive for excellence never get through the management layers. It’s just one embarrassment after another.

    If MS has someone really focused at the helm they would be a ferocious competitor. Bill Gates what that kind of competitor. He just had “no taste. And I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way”… 😁

  4. oddly, I used my iPad 1 from 2010 over the weekend to 1) read a book, 2) watch a few videos 3) check the leaderboards of both Nascar and PGA 4) look at the TV guide and 4) keep up with twitter and the web about Charlottesville. It worked fine, slow by my iPhone 6s plus standards but for the above, it was just as good as when it was new.

    I’m eyeing a new iPad pro model for this fall……. what’s a surface? talk to me in SEVEN years…….

  5. Nice spin attempt by Microsoft. On one hand, Consumer Reports lacks the integrity required for in-depth studies. They have a history of going to publication with something juicy, despite weaknesses in their data or testing methodologies.
    On the other hand, MS has a rather poor history of hardware reliability. It’s hard to know who to believe, but either way, it doesn’t paint a great picture for Microsoft.

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