Consumer Reports: Apple makes the most reliable devices; steer clear of Microsoft’s unreliable Surface products

“The breakage rate for Microsoft Corp’s Surface devices is significantly worse than for other manufacturers’ laptops and tablets, Consumer Reports said, adding that it was removing its ‘recommended’ designation for Surface products,” Salvador Rodriguez reports for Reuters. “The non-profit publication surveyed 90,000 tablet and laptop owners and found that an estimated 25 percent of those with Microsoft Surface devices would be presented with ‘problems by the end of the second year of ownership,’ according to a study published on Thursday.”

“‘If you are very concerned about how long your products are going to last, it might be better for you to go with a brand that has a higher predicted reliability,’ Jerry Beilinson, electronics editor at the consumer goods testing publication, said in an interview,” Rodriguez reports. “According to the Consumer Reports survey responses, the Microsoft devices were found to freeze, unexpectedly shut down or have issues with their touchscreens, Beilinson said.”

“Altogether, the reliability issues made Microsoft a statistical outlier compared with other brands,” Rodriguez reports. “Apple Inc had the most reliable devices, Beilinson said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: One in four of Microsoft’s pieces of Surface crap (floaters) fails within 24 months.

That’s putrid.

But, what do you expect from a second-rate bloatware producer that got rich from poorly mimicking Apple’s Mac? Microsoft doesn’t know how to produce quality hardware either.

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    1. On weekends, I sometimes use the world’s first 17-inch laptop made by Apple I bought on debut day in May 2003.

      Like you, still runs like a champ. Panther is the OS, my favorite for eye candy. Obviously the Safari and Firefox web browsers, which still wor fine in classick, are not upgradeable like all the rest of the software.

      But it works just fine and using Freehand MX and other legacy programs is still a treat. Export to a thumb drive, convert in the latest suite software and we’re golden …

  1. Does anyone remember Packard Bell from the 90’s? They were much worse than M$ is now. Over 50% problem rate with computers purchased by mail order. The only way to get a reliable computer was to buy from a store that would set it up for you, before you took it home. There were also warranty problems; new computers shipped with used parts. The used parts only had a 90 day warranty, versus one year for new parts. Forget tech support, took hours on hold to get through. Packard Bell got sued by the attorney general of 19 states. Needless to say they are no longer in business.

    I was never tempted by the low price of PB, but some people I knew were. They didn’t do their due diligence and came to regret it. 🖖😀

    1. In a past life, I worked at OfficeMax selling P Bells, ViTechs, plus other no name systems. We carried a basic selection of Macs too, but it was a daily fight to point out to people that the cheaper systems were not really bargains. We couldn’t come right out and say the P Bells were junk, with little support, because we sold service plans on them too. Interestingly enough, our service plan provider asked us to stop selling plans for the junk systems because they were losing money on them.

  2. Third generation iPad purchased in the March 2012 release (over five years ago) – still working well with strong battery life. Mid-2007 24″ Intel iMac purchased August 2007 (ten years ago) still working well.

    Of course, you cannot guarantee this kind of longevity. Even Apple has had some design and quality issues. But you have a better likelihood of long term success and utility with Apple devices, in my opinion.

  3. Had Macs going back to first availability through AAFES (Exchange) as I was overseas when the Mac came out. One power supply last year on a Mac Pro Tower that was 7 years old is it.

    Macs usually become obsolete before the components die.

  4. so I’m confused. because I feel like a while back when consumer reports wouldn’t recommend the new mac book pro, they where biased and their tests where highly unreliable (not to mention in the pocket of Microsoft)… they are paradigm’s of integrity? which is it MDN can we trust them or not?

  5. I just bought a dell laptop because it had better specs than the comparable MacBook Pro and was only half the price.

    Now the audio doesn’t work properly and I can barely watch movies or listen to music. 😑

  6. But if it actually ever does break, they make sure it costs a lot to fix by discouraging board level repairs even in authorized service centers.

    Anything breaks? New $500 video or motherboard.

    Luckily only three of my Macs in the last thirty years have ever needed that level of work. Sometimes it pays to have Electrical Engineers as friends.

  7. Those stupid analysts on Wall Street are always saying how there’s no need for anyone to spend extra money on an Apple product because nearly any company’s products are good enough for most consumers. That’s quite an attitude to take. I wonder if the people saying these things ever buy products for themselves or they really can’t tell the difference. Of course, there are plenty of consumers who really don’t the quality of a product really matters all that much. They’re more concerned with saving money on the initial purchase than anything else.

    What I do know is most of the Apple products I’ve ever bought have lasted for years and years of nearly trouble-free service. My daily-use iMac which has been running 24/7 (really) since I bought it in late 2009 as an Apple refurbished product is still running quite well although it still sports Snow Leopard OS. It was an excellent deal for about $1600. It’s not the fastest desktop but what can one expect after all these years. That’s why this year I’m going for that base model iMac Pro.

  8. Still rocking my 2011 iMac 21.5″. Not a single problem and still takes whatever I throw at it.

    Also have been using my iPad Air full-time since it released about 4 years ago. Never had a single problem and its battery life is still surprisingly good. My only issue is the dozen or so lightning cables Ive had to buy for it over the years lol.

  9. It is directed to surface laptops only not all windows laptops. Apple do make very reliable products that is true though. From ATv, routers, laptop iPad and desktops all have very long lives, I have 2008 MacBook and time capsule still working fine even old iPod with hard drive still works

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