Forget fingerprints, the next-gen iPhone might let you Apple Pay with your face

“It looks increasingly like Apple might ditch Touch ID in the forthcoming iPhone 8,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “The company has reportedly been trying to integrate Touch ID directly into the display, since the iPhone 8 is expected to feature a larger display and remove the hardware home button altogether in favor of a virtual button, but having trouble doing so.”

“But the headline biometric security feature should be 3D sensing capabilities, and Apple appears ready to implement a form of facial recognition that will supplant Touch ID,” Niu writes. “This new ‘Face ID’ feature, or whatever Apple decides to call it, appears to work with Apple Pay, as well as other areas where Touch ID is currently used. Developers have been digging into the HomePod firmware that Apple recently released, and have found all sorts of clues, according to MacRumors.”

“Like Touch ID, the facial recognition system will support multiple faces that it can recognize, and developers can integrate the technology into third-party apps,” Niu writes. “Soon, you might be able to pay for things with your face instead of your fingerprint.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s use of precise vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) sensors will likely be even easier to use and at least as secure as Touch ID.

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  1. Well, I know that I can disable Touch ID by just restarting my phone. Is it going to be possible to disable Face ID in the same way so that someone can’t just grab my phone, shove it in my face, and thereby have access to all my information?

    Somehow this seems ill-conceived.

  2. I wonder how it will work in low light… or with my glasses on… or wearing one of my caps… or if I let my beard grow a few weeks… or I’m feeling ill and have a pale face and temperature… or pulling a stupid face…

    Lots of problems but I’m hoping Apple has all the bases covered.

  3. I used to visit MDN many times per day, now I hardly visit a couple times a week. Why you ask? Because I cannot stand the duplicate or triplicate video ads placed around the article I am trying to read. Buh Bye MDN…

  4. I wonder how “Apple Pay by face” will work practically? To pay now, you have to hold the phone very near the NFC reader. Will you have to bend over the iPhone as its held near the NFC reader for it to scan your face? How far away will your face have to be? What angles will it accept (I assume several, just like partial prints in TouchID)? Many questions that will be answered with its launch. I wonder if Apple will have an easy emergency shut-down feature for the iPhone, so that if you feel you may be mugged or have some other unwanted forced access to your phone imminent, there may be a way to quickly shut it down without having to wait for the swipe to turn off bar to appear. In other words, not just a one-button screen off (with lock, if you have configured it that way). Maybe a double-click of the power button could lock and require an alphanumeric code to reopen phone; a single click could be opened with facial recognition.

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