Why Apple’s flagship OLED iPhone will be so expensive

“In the last few weeks, I’ve fielded numerous calls about rumors that an OLED iPhone will cost well over $1,000. While this might seem excessive, it’s really just basic supply and demand,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “It seems that media types inquiring about this subject either did not take economics in school or are just not seeing the big picture.”

“OLED displays are in high demand and short supply,” Bajarin writes. “That means that OLED displays, if Apple can get them, will initially be quite costly. Suppliers I have talked to in Asia say the actual cost of a 5.7-inch OLED panel today is somewhere between $230 and $280, depending on quantity and availability.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And Apple will sell as many as they can possibly make!

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  1. i wonder when enough is enough for a smartphone? Does it really matter if one have an oled display when:

    -using whatsapp or other messaging apps
    -browsing the web
    -checking emails
    -selfies, silly or spontaneus pictures
    etc, etc, etc

    Will one always be aware or having an expensive oled display every time the smartphone is used?????

    Is that a reason to expend sooo much money?

    1. >Will one always be aware or having an expensive oled display every time the smartphone is used?

      Well yeah, if they’re, you know, LOOKING at it. The screen itself is the most important UI element of a smartphone, and you interact with it constantly.

      Think of it like the jump from the original iPhone display to the Retina display. Are you always actively thinking “I AM LOOKING AT A RETINA DISPLAY” when you’re using it? Of course not. But you know the difference in quality and you would never be willing to go back to the old display, because the screen is the most important thing you interact with.

      1. Oh dear I imagine you saying:

        “OMG… OMG…OMG I am liking a facebook post with my OLED display!!!!”

        “JESUS CHRIST… I just read a tweet on my OLED DISPLAY!!!!”

    2. In daily use, when in a rush, or whatever, Nobody would care if it is amoled, oled, ips, 1080px, 720px or whatever. You just use what you have in your hands in that moment.

  2. This smells like BS.

    The built materials cost for a whole iPhone 7 was at start, somewhere north of $200. It is not like Apple to double the build cost of the iPhone. Unless this is an iPhone “Edition” it doesn’t seem practical and in Apple’s nature.

    Worst case – If there’s an iPhone 7s Plus and 8/Edition, there will be no functional difference between them. You can pay the normal $965/$1065 or $1500 for the same guts.

    More likely, the iPhone 8 or 7s Plus with OLED, will simply be in place of the “Traditionaly expected 7s Plus,” at the same price point. This, or a “WTH is Apple thinking?”

    When it comes to handheld devices and wearables, the consumer has been expectant that all launch devices have been functionally identicle. Paying “more” or high prices have only been reserved for vainity based items.

    When Apple used two different radios in the iPhone 7, there’s was a sh* storm over the possibility that one was inferior to the other.

  3. Boy Apple and Samsung have a serious lock on this market. They can pretty much charge whatever they want and people will pay. If you don’t think so, just open your eyes and look at people everywhere with their heads buried in their smartphones to the detriment of everything else going on around them. We are now a world of mindless drones,
    slaved to the tech. We cannot disengage, its pretty much the same as being an addict. We are all addicts now.

  4. Forever better display is certainly nice to have, particularly for people who watch images and graphics, but boy is it becoming expensive just to have an OLED display! In my particular case, and a lot of others too, I use the phone rather as a tool, and need more efficient apps for email, texting, browser etc, better UI (iOS is excellent for it) and more functional hardware (touch ID, for example< was an excellent implementation). But at some point, I have stop to thi this madness of never ending upgrade, and take a pause, which I am already doing. Being such a gadget freak that I am, I was madly buying the latest and greatest as if it was mandatory. But I paused and slowed myself down ever since 6 (I have a 6s now, and I am not sure if I want to upgrade. Maybe spend money for something else from Apple). Maybe I might want to flirt with other platforms to satisfy my curiosity. I mean, I am willing to pay what it's really worth, but now I am not sure. It's just a phone after all. But I am also willing to keep paying for intangibles like excellent services, including "no question asked" return etc. which I know costs money.

  5. I’m inly upgrading when apple artificially oudates devices when an OS update come.

    I felt I was force to get a new iPhone after iOS 7 made my iPhone 4 nearly impossible to use, so I got the 6, wich is (still) perfect. Back in those days I wanted a big screen and I am still happy with it, no needing to do the Mega-Upgrade with iPhone 8 just because an oled display. I don’t think oled will relieve eye strain anyway. Tired eyes don’t care if it is oled or a standard thing

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