The most important numbers in Apple’s Q317 earnings report today won’t be iPhone sales

“Apple will report its third-quarter earnings today (the company ends its fiscal year in September), and while it certainly generated billions of dollars in revenue and profit, it’s probably going to be a relatively fallow quarter — by Apple’s standards at least,” Mike Murphy writes for Quartz.

“Apple’s third quarter is traditionally a slow period, but this one could be particularly sluggish,” Murphy writes. “CEO Tim Cook said on last quarter’s earnings call that rampant media speculation about the company’s next iPhone may be dampening sales, as everyone is just waiting for the next release in September.”

“Since investors, and even Apple’s CEO, seem to be aware of the potential for a very dull quarter, it’ll be interesting to see how the market responds if Apple puts up uninspiring numbers,” Murphy writes. “The question will be how much any fall in iPhone sales can be cushioned by Apple’s other business lines.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Today’s earnings report will be very interesting as it’ll be the second quarter of the iPhone “pause” that Apple began to see in Q217 along with Apple’s guidance for the Q417 (roughly July-September) quarter that’ll contain the deepest period of the iPhone “pause.”

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