The 50+ best features in Apple’s iOS 11

“Apple’s upcoming iOS 11, already in public beta and due out this fall in its final form, delivers numerous improvements and changes for iPad and iPhone users,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “These include a host of new enterprise-useful features — especially for the iPad — as well as a variety of tweaks that will benefit almost any user.”

“iOS 11 carries numerous smart features, all wrapped up in Apple’s ultra-private secure shells, in which your identity is protected by technologies including differential privacy,” Evans writes. “That commitment to privacy means Apple has been crafting smart solutions that work on a device rather than by sharing data with the less secure cloud. Apple also introduced Core ML, a general-purpose machine-learning framework that developers can use to integrate machine learning inside their apps.”

“Siri is the voice assistant front end to Apple’s systemwide machine intelligence,” Evans writes. “The latter is what gives Siri the capacity to make recommendations based on what you’ve been doing. iOS 11 adds several Siri-specific improvements.”

Tons more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iOS 11. A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad.”

If you want to try out Apple’s iOS 11 public beta, simply sign up for the free Apple Beta Software Program here.

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  1. My iPad still has a couple weird things going on with iOS11…It hangs a little long after entering Password bfore it completes boot and sometime locks in Portrait mode…But really like the new goodies as well…looking forward to getting final release for iPhone as well.

  2. Off topic, but I wish I could customize my iPhone lock screen the same way I can customize the Watch screen. I can quickly learn a lot by doing a quick glance at my Watch. I wish I could set up my iPhone lock screen to give me a lot of info with a quick glance too.

  3. Indeed momumental leap for Ipad..
    After screaming and yelling, battling and begging for so long with naysayers and Apple … Apple listend and made ipad trully a poweruser/pro capable device with iOS 11..
    Thank you Apple !

    ( i truly hope they dont deliver a handicaped version of the file managment app.. and that it truly allows for true user managment with not only local or cloud files but also external drives )

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