Touch ID on Apple’s iPhone Pro integrated into Sleep/Wake button, sources say

“There are indeed a number of mysteries that still surround Apple’s tenth-anniversary iPhone,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “But among them all, the biggest question marks likely surround Touch ID. Is Apple’s new fingerprint scanner optical and embedded in the display? Will it be the same as last year’s scanner, but situated on the back of the phone? Will it be omitted entirely, as we’ve heard from the world’s top Apple insider? Rumors have been swirling for months, but I may now have the answer thanks to information from multiple well-placed sources.”

Epstein writes, “I have now received information from three different well-placed sources over the past few weeks, and they have all told me the same thing: The iPhone 8’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor is in the power [Sleep/Wake] button.”

“The news first came to me about a month ago from a source I know well. I’ve since been told the same thing by two additional sources I haven’t known for quite as long,” Epstein writes. “All three sources have provided information to me in the past that has proven to be accurate.”

iPhone 8 is said to sport a new dual vertically aligned camera to aid AR, anedge-to-edge OLED display, and an elongated Sleep/Wake button that may house Touch ID (Image: Nodus and Gordon Kelly)
iPhone 8 is said to sport a new dual vertically aligned camera to aid AR, anedge-to-edge OLED display, and an elongated Sleep/Wake button that may house Touch ID (Image: Nodus and Gordon Kelly)

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MacDailyNews Take: It could also be another reason why, beyond the claim of reachability, Apple moved the Sleep/Wake button from the “top” of the iPhone (where we liked it best) to the side, maddeningly opposite the volume buttons, beginning with iPhone 6/Plus*. Were Apple, knowing the potential difficulties of placing Touch ID into/under the display, conditioning iPhone users for this possible eventuality?

*Only iPhone SE retains the “top” Sleep/Wake button position today.

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  1. Yes, I too despise the the sleep/wake button on the side. I’m CONSTANTLY turning off the phone when I use the + Volume button to take a picture (it’s just such a natural place to put my thumb when taking a picture in landscape mode). It’s maddening! I liked it MUCH better on the top…

  2. Great….
    Sounds like it’ll be a real pain to use with a case on your phone.
    Maybe it will work incredibly well technically. But how many people leave their phone face up on their desk or table and can just press the home button to unlock? I registered my index finger on both hands so I can easily unlock with whichever hand is free without having to pick it up.
    This does not sound like an improvement at all, if true.

    1. Honestly, your complaint about Touch ID is the first that I can remember in a long time. I was bit late to the iPhone party but, after I received a hand-me-down iPhone 5s, I rapidly trained Touch ID on both thumbs and forefingers and it worked great from the start – not perfectly, but very well. The only time that I have a problem with touch ID is when my finger is wet (say condensate from a drink glass or a lot of sweat). I have experienced a few failures to authenticate under those conditions. But that is rare and generally easy to fix with a quick swipe on my shirt or pants before trying again, or by entering my passcode.

      Your post is very brief and undefined. How often does it work/not work? Under what circumstances? Have you taken any actions to try to fix the problem (e.g., clear your fingerprints and retrain your iPhone or take it to an Apple Store for a checkup)?

    2. I made three prints of my thumb so that touch ID would work regardless how careless I put my finger on my iPhone. Works fine although I’ve got poor fingerprints due to allergies to dish liquid etc (my fingerprints flake off and has gaps !).

      Touch ID doesn’t work on my iPad Pro because my reinforced case — I carry it around a lot — is too bulky so I wonder about the new rumours of the sleep button thing,

  3. Am I the only one who thinks an iris scanner or 3d facial recognition would be nice? I mean, the iphone 7 already wakes up when you pull it out of your pocket, and on ios 10 and above unlocking the device does not necessarily means leaving the lock screen, why not use one of these unlock methods? I mean, you would pull your iphone and it would automatically scan your face, or retina, whatever, while you looked at the notifications, when you clicked home it would be already unlocked, if you didn’t go home the phone locks itself again. Of course apple might encounter some dificulties, because in these unlock methods you need to hold the phone facing you, maybe some wider lens? I really don’t no, but putting the fingerprint sensor on the side is not the way to go….

    1. There are so many situations where you don’t want to be using either of those. Want to text discretely at a meeting, movie, at a stoplight (yeah, I know, and you know we all do it) etc.? How will you do that holding the phone up to your face? How silly it would be to be at a checkout line and have to hold your phone to your face before using ApplePay?

      Iris scanning would require extra tech to avoid making it unlockable with a picture of the owner’s face. I don’t trust either iris or facial methods enough to have my credit card info protected by it. Samsung’s facial recognition was supposed to be spoof-resistant, and it was easily fooled and there are dozens of examples of other attempts on consumer products that have failed.

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