Apple’s Swift creator departs Tesla after just six months

“Chris Lattner has built a solid reputation after working for 11 years at Apple on low-level software technologies. In particular, he developed Apple’s most recent programming language, Swift,” Romain Dillet reports for TechCrunch. “In January, Tesla announced that it had recruited Lattner as VP of Autopilot Software.”

“Six months later, he announced on Twitter that he was leaving the car company,” Dillet reports. “‘Turns out that Tesla isn’t a good fit for me after all,’ he said. Lattner doesn’t have a new job in mind just yet.”

“Before Swift, Lattner created the Clang compiler and the LLVM compiler optimization infrastructure. He also worked a lot on Xcode, Apple’s software development tool. Let’s just say that millions of developers around the world have been affected by Lattner’s work. Given Lattner’s impressive resume, he’ll have plenty of offers at other tech companies,” Dillet reports. “And it’s going to be interesting to see which company ends up hiring him.”

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        1. No actually. Have a read of Apple history:

          Steve was initially just an accoutrement that came along with Apple buying NeXT. He was busy with Pixar at the time. It took ~7 months for Gil Amelio to resign and have Steve Jobs named ‘interim CEO’. It was another ~2.5 years before the ‘Interim’ was dropped and Steve Jobs became simply ‘CEO’ of Apple.

      1. Sometimes it’s just an atmosphere that’s wrong for someone, expecially when you have worked somewhere else for a longish period. It’s always a risk. Only he knows what went wrong, maybe one day we will hear about it from him.

        1. He worked on his brainchild Swift on his own for years, and one day brought it to Apple who lauded his work and brought it to fruition. Maybe Tesla and every other company on Earth doesn’t have Apple’s special sensitivity to the culture of the workplace and how it can incubate brilliant achievements.

    1. That’s the thing: he isn’t brilliant. There’s a word that sounds a lot like moonshot that is a much better descriptor for most of his ideas. As a delusional flim-flam man he is in a class all his own, though. So far, he’s made some cars and some rockets that don’t do exactly what they are purported to do. And PayPal. The rest has all been hot air erupting form that volcano on his face he calls a mouth. Brilliant? Nonsense.

  1. When you go to work for a guy (Elon Musk) that TRULY believes we are probably living in the Matrix, it means you are living with a person who has lost ALL touch with reality, and sees the world as nothing more than a fantasy-land.

    That is REALLY scary. It means crony capitalism (Musk loves and abuses constantly), morality, ethics, none of it truly would matter.

    Don’t believe me? You don’t need to, just listen to Musk here:

    Scary, scary stuff folks. It’s existentialism to the extreme.Glad to see Lattner get out of there.

    Perhaps Mr. Cook should pay Lattner a visit and woo him back to the new Mother Ship to do great things – based in REALITY!

  2. Does anyone know any updates about how Swift is progressing? I found it strange that there was no mention of it during the WWDC keynote. Of course, they did cover a lot during the keynote, so maybe they just felt there wasn’t anything that monumental on the Swift front to announce.

    1. There are a ton of books appearing and active websites thriving, supporting Swift development. After being freed from the horse-collar of Objective-C, peasants are practically dancing in the streets. As for the keynote, Apple didn’t brag about their sassy nag, but wisely promoted their next candidates for the triple crown.

      1. 😾
        WordPress apparently doesn’t want me to post the URL to the Swift developer page at Apple, seeing as it dumped my post three times with it included. The page goes into detail about Swift 4.

        Also, if you check the iBooks Store, you’ll find that Apple has released updates to its free Swift books:

        The Swift Programming Language (Swift 4 beta)
        Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C (Swift 4 beta)

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