“If you’re curious about how to build your own Hackintosh, Kirk McElhearn and I recently built Hackintoshes and wrote about our experiences,” Rob Griffiths writes for Macworld. “These articles are great starting points for researching your own Hackintosh.

• How to build a do-it-yourself Mac for high-performance games
• How to build a do-it-yourself Mac mini

Griffiths writes, “But there’s a lot of detail in those two articles, and if all you’re trying to figure out is if you should build your own, there may actually be too much detail.”

“Should you build a Hackintosh?” Griffiths writes. “It’s hard to generalize a yes/no answer here, but I’ll try anyway.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a time-consuming project. If you can wait, wait to see what Apple comes up with for their “modular” Mac for pros.