Why Apple’s App Store is good business for your enterprise

“New information from Sensor Tower confirms that whether you’re developing apps for consumers, or if app development for others is your business, Apple’s App Store is a good place to do business,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“The data shows that at least 69 iOS developers managed to make their first million-dollars in app revenue last year, and that’s just on the U.S. App Store,” Evans writes. “Not only this, but the number of publishers breaking that million-dollar mark was almost double the throng who did so in 2015, when 34 developers achieved the target.”

“While game publishers ‘accounted for the single largest category of first-time million-dollar earners across both platforms,’ Apple has also seen developers of utilities, photo and video, social networking, and lifestyle apps achieve this target. This means its platforms are becoming capable of supporting a much more mature selection of solutions,” Evans writes. “What does this mean for enterprise IT? It means iOS users are already far more open to engaging with sophisticated solutions on their platforms.”

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