As it turns two, Apple Watch focuses on core strengths

“Originally pitched as a multitude of things, including an intimate communication tool and new frontier for mobile apps, the Apple Watch has been refined and simplified in the years since its debut, focusing on what Apple has determined to be the fledgling device’s core strengths,” Neil Hughes writes for AppleInsider. “Any new platform and product category takes time to find its footing —the first iPod was Mac-only, the first iPhone shipped without an App Store, and the first iPad required activation through iTunes before it could even be used. The Apple Watch has been no different.”

“In the last two years, Apple has quickly learned that the less you need to interact with your wearable device, the better,” Hughes writes. “Accordingly, Apple has shown a willingness to go back to the drawing board with the Apple Watch, refining what works and eschewing what does not. Those changes have helped sales of the Apple Watch to grow, reaching a new record in the holiday 2016 quarter.”

Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters
Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS and water resistance to 50 meters

“Features that work without much— or any— physical input have proven to be the ‘killer apps’ for Apple Watch,” Hughes writes. “Apple has also partnered with Nike on specialized versions of its watch, though the hardware is essentially identical to the standard Series 2 models. This week, the partnership with Nike will expand with a new NikeLab model set to go on sale Thursday with a new watch band color. The partnership with Nike, in some ways, summarizes where the Apple Watch has succeeded, and where the original vision fell short.”

New limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style
New limited edition Apple Watch Nikelab champions neutral-toned style

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MacDailyNews Take: When we’re running, there is no more favored Apple product than our Apple Watch Nike+ units. To have a device so small, on your wrist that tracks your run, measures your pace, monitors your heart rate, and plays music so effortlessly is wonderful. If and when the Apple Watch gains the ability to make/receive voice calls and text messages without an iPhone present, it will transcend into insanely great territory!

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  1. I still LOVE my series 1. After many years of not wearing a watch my wrist feels naked once again on the couple times I forgot to put it on in the morning.

    What i’m looking forward to:
    Continued waterproofing, getting thinner, MORE WATCH FACES!!!!

    Cellular for text and calls would be neat, but IF they do that, the speaker needs to be at least 2 times louder IMO.

    1. With AirPods you don’t need that speaker. I never used EarPods at all choosing instead to wear a full Bluetooth headset around my neck. Now with AirPods I truly do turn around and go back home if I forget that little white case. I can certainly imagine life without an iPhone if the watch had cell connectivity. Add some sort of wireless interface for the occasional app I may use and the watch suddenly is the center of communications.

  2. Apple Watch – over promised and under delivered. Apple Watch is now “simplified”, meaning its true “usefulness” is a narrow and limited set of “functions”. Apple Watch is merely an Apple fanboy identity bracelet.

      1. Oooo… I’m so impressed with your manly intellect, Frank. I would guess that you think women fall all over you for your witty repartee, although you don’t seem to think that there are any women here worth corresponding with.

        It was actually a serious question. If you are convinced that all Apple products are crap and their users are unmanly “fanboys,” why do you bother reading or posting on an Apple site?

        1. Frank it sounds like you’ve don’t own an Apple Watch so you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a very useful product that augments the funtionality of an iPhone and AirPods.

  3. Certainly Apple Watch 2 simplified the UI—but it also added GPS and water resistance to 50m. Lack of those two features were deal-killers for me.
    I haven’t purchased one yet, but now it is most definitely on my wish list.

  4. Apple Watch series 2…like all other series, is bulky, boxy, and thick and bouncy, especially when running. As said before, it is a watch designed by 40-somethings for 40-somethings.
    Apple watch is a compromise!
    If Apple wants teenagers to wear something on their wrist for the first time, the design is going to have to be sleek, slick, curved, super thin, and colorful. When Ive and Cook finally realize that they live in a bubble and finally deliver a wrist device that teenagers will consider buying, then they will see sales in the stratosphere. The competition is going to figure it out first…it’s just plain common sense and Steve Jobs would have thrown that boxy, thick device across Apple Park into the fountain. Visual design is Apple. This is Cook’s first design and it is visually bad.

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