Those who’ve settled for a Samsung Android phone aren’t very excited about the new Galaxy S8

“Samsung will release its S8 smartphone tomorrow, and while we don’t know if the company will make the kind of transparent commitment to product recycling in recognition of Earth day the Apple has made this week, we do know that most Samsung owners just aren’t really that excited about a new phone from the South Korean firm,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

According to Fluent:
• 30% of iPhone owners say they are ‘very excited’ when Apple announces a new phone, compared to only 18% of Samsung owners when Samsung makes an announcement.
• iPhone owners also tend to be more loyal to their brand, with 89% likely to buy another iPhone next. In comparison, only 58% of Samsung owners say they are likely to purchase another Samsung as their next phone.

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MacDailyNews Take: That anyone could get “excited” over some knockoff peddler’s latest pretend iPhone is amazing in and of itself.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Settlers settle. Good enough Android also means long replacement cycles hence no real enthusiasm for newer desperate models. Especially with little SamSplode innovation worth bothering about, unless you LIKE getting burned.

  2. It seems like all these new phones all have different features that would be awesome if they all came together, such as:
    Bezel less – true end to end
    Wireless charging
    Fast charging
    True and secure facial recognition
    Touch ID (Apple does it right and is the only one so far)
    Apple Pay (again Apple does it right and is the only one)
    True waterproofing down to 50ft.

    I guess this is just too much to wish for in one phone.

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