Leaked iPhone 8 schematics show bezel-free, edge-to-edge display, Touch ID on rear casing

“In what is the first supposed leak of ‘real’ iPhone 8 technical schematics, an image posted to Weibo today claims to show technical drawings for the next-generation iPhone straight from Foxconn,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The drawings depict an iPhone 8 front and back with minimal bezels on the left and right sides of the screen,” Mayo reports. “Compared to an iPhone 7, the top and bottom bezels are also significantly smaller.”

“On the back, the dual camera system and rear flash is stacked vertically in the top-left corner, with a gap for a Touch ID fingerprint sensor below the Apple logo,” Mayo reports. “The image is labelled with dimensions for the chassis, which are comparable to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 — despite the significantly larger [5.8-inch] screen.”

Claimed iPhone 8 schematics (via: Weibo)
Claimed iPhone 8 schematics (via: Weibo)

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As Mayo reminds, “schematics of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 all leaked [on Weibo] by mid March in their respective years.”

So, whaddya think?

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. This is ugly. Is Apple innovative enough to dump TouchID and use other things like facial recognition so our devices are aware of our presence? Thereby eliminating the need for geeky fingerprint sensors and passcodes…

  1. TouchID on the back is THE dumbest thing I can imagine for the iPhone!

    I have my phone plugged in and facing me in a small stand while I’m at any one of my desks. To check things (or when I get a notification) all I have to do is press the appropriate finger on the TouchID sensor (home button) on the FRONT of the phone and the screen comes up showing me what I need to see.

    I do NOT have to reach around the phone or pick it up to touch a sensor on the back. It currently is and effective. Putting the TouchID sensor on the back is a MAJOR step backward in the interface and usability.

  2. They should make the back a full touch surface (enabled/disabled in the Settings), so that you can interact with games and apps without blocking your vision at the same time.

  3. Time for the iPhone to feel the wrath of Tim Cook. Welcome to the Apple TV world under cook. What do I think? I could possibly be fully paying off an iPhone for the first time since AT&T started it’s NEXT program. Admittedly, I’m on the fence about the no bezel – I would LIKE a little room especially on the side to hold the phone or put it in the case with a video playing and not have my finger on the screen disturbing video playback – but I do get taking advantage of the screen real estate so I’m just torn here. As most others are saying, TouchID on the back? FOR REAL??? So all of the PERFECTLY DESIGNED iPhones with TouchID on the front for all of these years are now deemed to be not-so-well designed and it would be better to have it on the back of the phone so when I use Apple Pay, I actually turn my phone to face the cashier so I can put my thumb on the sensor??? FOR REAL? Hello secure enclave, goodbye privacy of whatever I’m viewing on my screen! This just doesn’t make sense to me and I’m hoping Apple will rethink it if this is real. I won’t say I won’t buy it because I kind of want to see a full list of features before I finally judge it. But the TouchID thing will be a SERIOUS design FLAW that will have to be overcome by some REALLY SERIOUS features. I’m in such a mood with Apple these days though, I may just skip a version just in protest. It can’t be all about phones and when I pay the premium Apple price, I better damn well get a premium quality product which is not something Apple can say they provide these days until after they “fix” it with a few dot releases. Apple should be aware that a dot release won’t move the TouchID sensor to the front of the phone. You mess with people on that and you could turn your super cycle into your worst nightmare. Tim, I hope you’re listening and not out at the bar with Eddie Cue.

  4. Having the TouchID on the back essentially rules out using your thumb, rules out unlocking it whilst it’s laying down, in a case, or on a stand. Honestly who cares that much about losing the bezel at the bottom enough to make those compromises? It’s not as if it’ll be bezel free because they still have the camera at the top.

    1. Left index finger? So a requirement to have both hands free in order to use an iPhone, in addition to the screen on the top models being too big for one-handed use. Plus a requirement that the phone can’t be in a case, etc.

      I sure hope not (unless the back sensor is just a duplicate for a retained front sensor, in case someone wants to use their phone as awkwardly as possible.

  5. Well that’s not good if true. Lends credence to the rumors of difficulty in producing the screen ID sensor. But then ‘that’ part is maybe destined only for the Pro model?
    All of the Android phones with full face screens have their ID scanners on the back so nobody has solved the problem yet tho’ I really thought Apple would do so since the rumours and patents surfaced nearly two years ago.
    Interesting that the size is the smaller non + model and with a dual lens camera…and that suits me.

  6. I’m hoping that if there is a Touch ID sensor on the back it will be IN ADDITION to the standard one on the front. Two-finger ID would allow for greater security while only one finger could still be an option.

  7. It is hilarious that all the gullible internet morons are eating this up as if this is really the new iPhone. Too funny. People are so moronic. Get a life, people.

  8. for the first time in my life (on this day) I pointed my finger and it worked. Probably a backup for the facial recognition, like when you just wake up… it wouldn’t recognize me at all.
    Other than that my vote is for Jonny Ive getting involved again; this sucks like a samsung and I won’t buy it just because of my friends that have samsung making fun of me for having a samsung knockoff.

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