J.D. Power: Microsoft ranks highest in tablet satisfaction

Microsoft ranks highest in overall satisfaction in the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study, doing so for the first time since the study’s inception. With an overall satisfaction score among tablet owners of 855 (on a 1,000-point scale), Microsoft’s achievement is largely due to its top rankings in the features and styling & design factors.

In features, Microsoft is the highest performer in three areas: variety of pre-loaded applications; internet connectivity; and availability of manufacturer-supported accessories. Microsoft Surface users have the highest incidences of accessory use, which underscores the device’s versatility. These accessories include a stylus (48% vs. 27% industry average); physical keyboard (51% vs. 14%); and mouse (27% vs. 6%), all of which have higher satisfaction. Microsoft also achieves the highest ratings in these features attributes: variety of input/output connectivity and amount of internal storage available.

Additionally, Microsoft has the highest performance in three styling & design attributes: size of tablet; quality of materials used; and attractiveness of tablet design. Microsoft continues to achieve the highest rating in the remaining styling & design attribute of location of non-display buttons/controls.

Customers using Microsoft tablets are more likely to be early adopters of technology. More than half (51%) of Microsoft customers say they “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” that they are among the first of their friends and colleagues to try new technology products. This is relevant because early adopters tend to have higher overall satisfaction (879 among those who “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” with this statement vs. 816 among those who do not).

Microsoft also has a higher proportion of younger customers than their competitors. Microsoft customers are notably more likely to consider productivity features as important. For example, when customers are asked the importance of their tablet to perform certain jobs well, Microsoft owners have the highest incidence of saying “very important” for jobs related to productivity. These include browsing the internet (90% vs. 75% industry average); emailing (76% vs. 61%); word processing (63% vs. 30%); and mobile payments/banking (53% vs. 40%).

Following are some of the key findings of the 2017 Study:

• Satisfaction is rising: Overall customer satisfaction with tablet devices is 841, an increase of 21 index points from the 2016 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study—Volume 2, released six months ago.
• Driving the selection process: Lower price and past experience are the most commonly cited reasons for tablet selection among customers (22% each). Reputation is next at 19%.
• Size matters: The average screen diagonal among Microsoft customers is highest, at 11.8 inches. Satisfaction is 869 among customers whose screen diagonal is 10 inches or more vs. 850 among those whose screen diagonal is 8-10 inches and 824 among those whose screen diagonal is less than 8 inches.
• Data plans increase satisfaction: Nearly one-third (32%) of customers have a data plan with their tablet. Overall satisfaction among customers with a data plan is 863 vs. 834 among those without such a plan.

J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study

The U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study, now in its sixth year, measures customer satisfaction with tablets across five factors (in order of importance): performance (28%); ease of operation (22%); features (22%); styling and design (17%); and cost (11%). The 2017 study is based on experiences evaluated by 2,238 tablet owners who have owned their current device for less than one year. The study was fielded between October and December 2016.

Source: J.D. Power

MacDailyNews Take: It is really a “tablet” if you have to use a stylus, physical keyboard, and mouse multiple times more than real tablet users?

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “John D” for the heads up.]


    1. Time to come out of the closet botty, using “pipeline” as a TC slur so many times…I’ve lost count…is beyond coincidence. To paraphrase the Bard…”Thou dost protest too much”

      1. any phallic slur is from your own demented mind. “Pipeline” alludes to Cook’s oft-vaunted lie, “great new products in the pipeline.”

        but, of course, you knew that..your comment was merely a desperate attempt to “cute.”

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          Seriously – find a more productive way to fill your time. No one here is impressed by you. And for Christ’s sake, stop using Apple products, as they seem to do nothing but traumatize you.


        2. Yes please, Belligerent Asswipe. Just fuck off and enjoy using all those other superior products from all those other superior companies.
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      2. I don’t think Botvinnik has many fans, but like it or not, the ‘pipeline Timmy’ nickname is a hit. It’s more powerful than many may realise and I have a feeling it’ll hurt the company with Mr. Cook at the helm if the nickname takes wing and then sticks.

  1. I don’t buy that survey for one minute. It’s a 5 point differnece? Bullshit. None buys those things. The sample size is incredibly small if it’s legitimate to begin with. So you have Apple with a score of 849 with a volume at least 10x higher than Microsoft, and probably 20x to be more accurate. But Microsoft gets 855 with their minuscule market share? Bullshit. This is the same crap that they pulled with the zune in 2007. Their customer sat score was “higher” than iPod while they were selling 100x less. There is no fucking way that Microsoft surface tablets, that crash routinely, are higher than iPad with similar volume. Impossible. Remember how the surface was “taking over” last year? Yeah that’s right, it’s market share was less than 2%… Microsoft can spend as much money as they want to give the surface the appearance of success, but it’s still a flop. Don’t fall for this bullshit.

      1. Botty, don’t kid yourself. When Jd power rated apple #1 it was because they were driving ads to their magazine. As a general rule apple doesn’t pay for this type of press. And when apple stopped being the revenue driver that overcame the loss of paper subscription revenue they started looking for new sources. Microsoft bribed the NFL with almost half a billion $ to have their product featured in all broadcasts, and I wouldn’t put it past them to make up the shortfall now with jd power. They did in fact do that in 2007 with the zune, so there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t again.

          1. Dude I’m not defending Cook, I’m saying Microsoft is a slimy corrupt organization that manipulates data, as they have for decades. Why in the world would a product that has less than 2% of the market suddenly be thrown up as “the best” ? Especially when it’s been struggling for 6 years? It wouldn’t, unless the rating organization was paid to promote it like all the tech channels/sites were last year… they can spend as much money as they want, it’s still a fucking flop. The damned patriots threw away their surfaces because they didn’t work, and the NFL amazingly eliminated that story from the internet… my hatred of Microsoft does not mean I am completely supportive of Tim Cook.

            1. You didn’t criticize Microsoft, you criticized JD Power…this year you say they’re bought out because iPad isn’t the #1 tablet but you have no problem the last six years when they said they were. That was my point.

            2. No, I’ve never put stock in JD power. Especially since 2007 when they rated the zune as the best media player. You’re missing my point. For whatever reason they rate devices fairly unless a large organization pays them a ton of money, just like in 1998, 2001, and 2007. It just so happens that the large organization who paid them those years was Microsoft. Look it up. So my hypothesis is that Microsoft, once again, paid them off. Since they’ve done it 3 times previously, it is t a stretch.

          2. Well TBH Apple share price is at an all time high so as most CEO’s get evaluated he’s doling an outstanding job; but we as apple users of course always expect better because we – THINK DIFFERENT!

      2. You are letting your hatred of Tim Cook cloud your judgement. What VOR has stated makes a lot of sense, so please don’t fall into the liberal trap of emotional thinking.

            1. I love how every time you reply to one of my comments you give your own comment 5 stars and you give mine 1. You obviously need to confirm for yourself just how great you are in your own mind.

              So Trump won. That doesn’t make you a winner. You are still a loser.

      3. JD Power didn’t rate the iPad best for the last six years. One year the Samsung topped the iPad. . . because JD Power suddenly decided to weight PRICE heavier than the other qualities they were asking about where the iPad got four and five stars to the consistently lower rated Samsung products. But Sammy got FIVE stars in the price category which put it over on the over all total because of the weighting Power gave the price category by a couple of points that year! Where is the pricing this year? The weighting now is de-emphasized since Apple is now selling iPads that are lower cost! They lowered the weighting because the Surfaces are generally far more expensive than comparable Apple products!

    1. Yeah, I read this and wondered how much MS had to pay for this ‘study’.

      They do seem to enjoy buying their way into markets that they can’t innovate into.

      This isn’t to say that there aren’t some issues at Apple but, it does seem dubious.

    2. The real problem with the MS Surface Tablet, is that to really use it, one has to find, well, a surface to use it, because it needs a keyboard that needs a surface to be placed flat upon. It is a quasi-notebook computer wanna-be, running a desktop OS. . . and try using that keyboard balanced on your lap. Doesn’t work too well.

  2. I don’t even see how this is possible or even real news with the Thousands of complaints on Their Support Site, Facebook Site, and Blogs that have strong evidence of Major Problems with Waking From Sleep, Defective Screens, Sudden Slow Performance Issues among others. What Sources of this report are not being divulged so that raises questions as to its accuracy. Apple is a close 2nd, enough to think that something has to be skewed here. The numbers from visiting my Local Apple & Microsoft stores is evidence enough. Hundreds of people in Apple Store & Best Buy buying tablets & phones. In the Microsoft Store, 3-4 staff and maybe 5 customers.

    1. Valid points. So, sales volume doesn’t count in this highly skewed survey, nor customer complaints of major problems. But being able to use a mouse and greater use of Microsoft Word than the industry average scored extra points…!

      Hey Microsoft, add a floppy disk to this thing, and your lead will be unassailable…

    2. Microsoft’s own website customer’s rate the MS Surface at only 3.9 stars out of 5. . . with 166 five star ratings, 37 four star, 13 three star, 21 two star, and 50 one star. Look it up for yourself. . . here:


      Hilarious! There’s no way this product can come up to the 97% plus customer satisfaction rating the Apple iPad enjoys when Microsoft cannot even publish better than a 58% five star rating on their own web site. . . and a 71% when counting the four stars as well.

      That no way near justifies the JD Power numbers.

  3. What I read into this survey is that most Windows tablet buyers opt for a keyboard and mouse out of sheer necessity due to well known difficulties using the touch features and incompatibility with the Office suite. Most iPad (tablet) users see no need.

    1. Most iPad users are not using them for productivity. iPads have keyboards and styluses too. Surface is very well liked in the business world because it’s a better productivity tool. Apple can try as hard as they want but an iPad is not gonna be a great productivity tool for business as it is now.

  4. Interesting…. so using a stylus (48% vs. 27% industry average); keyboard (51% vs. 14%); and mouse (27% vs. 6%) makes the MS tablet better? What they really mean is that most users are using it as a laptop and not as a tablet, so they’re more satisfied. Weird way to look at it for sure. So if Apple made a mouse for the iPad, they would win. All this stuff makes me wonder about levels of intelligence….

    1. I thought iPads had bluetooth and could use any wireless mouse. Why make one specific to the the iPad if it can be used by any other bluetooth capable device?

  5. Now I’ll probably get flamed, but since I own both, I will tell you that the surface is much more versatile than the iPad. Yup, I know you hate to hear that, but in the real world, it’s true. And that is because, Apple is once again: BEHIND THE CURVE.

    Fix it, Timmy boy.

  6. This is the second time in a year I’ve had my doubts about J.D. Power. They DON’T win my DG Currie award for best of the best awards. This ‘win’ is making me nauseated.

    Follow the money…

    [Oh and has anyone got any botvinnik fly repellant? Apparently they’re mating this week.]

  7. take surveys with a pinch of salt

    like when the iPhone first came out 10 yrs. ago:

    if a survey gave points for
    – colour selection
    – screen size
    – physical keyboard

    the iPhone would be sunk
    Look at the JD criteria that plays to Msft. strengths.

    I remember the Zoom tablet and the Palm phone ranked higher by various polls than Apple products.

  8. We’ve deployed some of their latest tablets and I have to admit they have come a long way.

    Not sure I buy the surgery results but MS has improved the product, I’ve witnessed that much.

  9. The only MS tablets I’ve ever seen are in NFL games and TV shows that are paid placements. The iPad is a great tool- doesn’t do everything- but for the most part I agree with the design choices. The consumers have spoken with their dollars.

  10. I own both an iPad Pro (XL) and a Windows 10 Tablet. I also have a Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV- so spare me the BS for having a Windows Machine. FYI I also have a Chromebook (for travel) and Windows 10 via Parallels on a Mac.

    The difference is the Windows Tablet is a real computer and the iPad Pro is a big iPad that is great for browsing and checking email, watching video and reading ebooks, but not much else.

    I have no doubt that Apple could I’ve access to the file system of iOS instead of the mess they currently have. It also pisses me off that many websites see iOS and feed you the fucking mobile site even if you request the standard site- the large iPad Pro has a display equal in size to the MacBook Pro 13. That is not a problem on Windows 10.

    I am no fan of Windows 10 but I laugh when Apple tries to pimp any iOS device as a serious computer. Using an iPad when you have a Mac is like washing your clothes on a rub board when you have a proper Clothes Washer- sure you can do it, but why?

    1. Not everybody has the same requirements as everyone else.

      For users who need a portable computer with a keyboard and mouse, a Surface may be a better buy than an iPad, but is it better than a MacBook? For users who need a powerful light tablet with a full touch screen, a Surface may be a better buy than a MacBook, but is it better than an iPad Pro?

      For users who need to pull a large trailer, a sedan may be a better buy than a sports car, but is it better than a pickup truck? For users who want to have fun driving fast on twisty country roads, a sedan might be a better buy than a pickup, but is it better than a sports car?

      Just because you have no need for an iOS device does not mean that millions of other people could not use one with complete satisfaction. My wife uses a keyboard case with her iPad, but I don’t. We have different user cases. If I am going to be doing much typing, I use my MacBook Pro. She uses her tablet mostly for doing internet research, which the keyboard makes easier.

      Between the days of the Newton and the days of the iPhone, I had a Palm Pilot with an accessory full-size keyboard. I enjoyed taking notes with the combination. It would certainly have been possible to write a book on it, but it would not have been as pleasant as using a real laptop. I feel the same about my iPad. I could write a book on it, but it would not be as easy as using my MacBook. All devices do not meet all needs.

    2. “The difference is the Windows Tablet is a real computer and the iPad Pro is a big iPad that is great for browsing and checking email, watching video and reading ebooks, but not much else”

      “Unfortunately your statement does not ring [totally] true to me. Right now I’m dictating on my iPad and my Mac at the same time. And as you can see the quality of the dictation is similar if not perfect. I won’t know until I stop dictating. Which is right now.”

      Dictated on iPad and pasted below:
      Unfortunately your statement does not ring totally true to me. Right now I’m dictating on my iPad and my Mac at the same time. And as you can see the quality of the dictation is similar if not perfect. I won’t know until I stop dictating. Which is right now.

      Back to dictation my Mac:
      Now the majority of my work is programming, copy/editing writing and research in the health sciences. I am seldom without my MacBook or my iPad. On the road I carry both. However, on a recent trip to China, I discovered that there were ways to actually put symbols into my formulas.

      For instance I didn’t know how to add an open bracket and a closed bracket, and others until I found the following website: http://osxdaily.com/2013/01/24/dictation-commands-for-os-x-ios/

      Now I do find that it is faster to dictate than it is to type. Particularly, now that I’ve gotten into using more special symbols. However it does require proofreading. I’m not going to do any proofreading on this. At the same time I do a lot of proofreading on what I type, as well.

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