“Apple CEO Tim Cook made a special appearance during one of the first screenings of former vice president Al Gore’s new movie this week,” Buster Hein reports for Cult of Mac.

“To kick off the Silicon Valley screening of Gore’s film, ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,’ Cook gave a short speech before the silver screen lit up,” Hein reports. “’10 years later, there’s still signs all around us of the climate crisis but there’s also great reasons for optimism,’ said Cook. ‘Markets are rewarding renewable energy everywhere, but of course the clock still runs, and the urgency has never been greater, and so I think there has never been a better time for this film.'”

Hein reports, “The movie follows Al Gore as he goes around educating people on the dangers of global warming and climate change. Gore even talks to Donald Trump in the film after he won the presidential election.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The movie debuts on July 28th. Hopefully, over the next months, the film promotion won’t take away from the important work Gore does as a longtime member of Apple Inc.’s Board of Directors.

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