YouTube to unveil virtual cable bundle for $30 to $40 a month

“YouTube is expected to unveil its paid virtual cable bundle at a press event Tuesday, sources told The Post,” Claire Atkinson reports for The New York Post.

“The bundle is very similar to Dish’s Sling TV, and has a broad range of cable channels on offer for between $30 to $40 a month, one source close to the product said on Tuesday,” Atkinson reports. “Already in the market are Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and AT&T’s DirecTV Now.”

Atkinson reports, “[Google] is hosting a media event today at Chelsea Market in Manhattan.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Add another one to the pile of those who can get the ink vs. Eddy Cue, who cannot.

It’s quite possible that without Steve Jobs’ help, Eddy Cue couldn’t get ink in a stationery store.MacDailyNews, November 5, 2015

Meanwhile, enjoy watching Planet of the Apps* on your non-4K-capable Apple TVs!

*Apple Music subscribers only

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I looked up Overpaid Clueless Motherfucker and a picture of Eddie Cue popped up.

    Still not sure why he has a job.

    I have Sling currently and want a la carte, but will give You Tube a look.

    The problem with bundles is that I watch little TV and most of what you are asked to subsidize is pure excrement.
    A couple of news channels, a couple of Movie Channels, HBO and a few Pay Per View College Football games and I’m good. Tell Disney I am tired of subsidizing ESPNs 15 channels of sports gossip and Rupert Murdoch I have no interest in anything he is selling.

  2. I think there’s more to this than Eddie just not being able to get the ink. Even Steve had issues getting the movie studios and television networks on board with iTunes rentals and downloads, his main leverage was that he could go to Disney board meeting and as their largest shareholder/creator of Pixar , he could say “you’re doing this” and they would. Eventually everyone else would follow suit once Disney wa son board. Apple has always taken a “we’re doing it this way” type of attitude, and although they’re usually right that their way is better, most media companies don’t want to cede control to them on any level. Especially companies like Viacom (cbs et al), and now Comcast universal. Google most likely cut some kind of data mining deal with them as did AT&T, Dish, Sony etc to get their content which Apple would never agree to, hence why they’ve had a tough time negotiating their bundle ideas. The other factor is Steve had enourmous presence because of the things he had created, and as the “founder” carried the gravitas of that into every negotiation, as well as his personal charisma. Everyone knew that you don’t piss off Steve or you’ll pay for it because he’ll just beat you at your own game. I don’t think any current CEO/top level VP has that same level of respect from multiple forums to have the ability to not give up users privacy in order to get the deal done. This is where eddy and the boys fall short, they still won’t give up users privacy, and the studios look at them and say “you’re not Steve jobs, you’re not a generational genius” and move on to companies who will give them what they want.

    1. Perhaps this is the other side of the privacy coin for Apple. Since they supposedly don’t have any means to gain customer info, its one less thing (apparently major) that they can offer the media companies in a deal.

  3. Wow, a rogue site like Youtube is actually getting in?

    They should clean all their content violations first.
    There is no second because they make money out of it!
    Damn rogue!

  4. And so we see that the ‘streaming revolution’ has resulted in precisely what we had circa the 90s, just through different pipes and tubes. I guess greed never goes out of style. :/

  5. If I could pay $2/month for each channel I want to watch, that should be more money to the broadcast company and less money from me. Why is that so difficult?

    Ala carte, baby!

    1. I started asking the cable companies way back in ’92 can you just set up a package where I can pick the 15 channels that I want out of your 100 and I pay a price for that? They told me technically it was possible but that they’d never do it for various reasons. I’ve been asking for ala carte for about 25yrs and still can’t believe it’s not truly offered in 2017.

      1. I am sick and tired of watching Apple be the laggard on all the new technologies and markets that have expanded in the last 5 years.

        A good leader builds up a trustworthy team so he can delegate decision making to people close to the issues. If Apple’s current hapless executive leadership can’t do anything but act as gatekeepers, then it is time for them to go. Cook, Cue, Ahrends, Ive, etc — CLEAN HOUSE.

  6. If you can find a decent ISP provider, this is great.

    But in many places the there is really only one true high-speed ISP option, so you are screwed, because their Internet-only options are completely overpriced. The mini-TV-bundle is then just a side-show.

    In my location, Comcast is the only game in town and they are horrible–keep trying to add $10 per month in the middle of a two year contract!

    But hopefully, AT&T Fiber, and Google Fiber are coming soon!

    1. It may not cost $1/month, but YouTube already has a service that allows you to watch vids w/o commercials, YouTube Red. For $9.99/month you also get original content and uninterrupted music, basically Google Play music subscription included.

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