Apple sues Qualcomm in China seeking 1 billion yuan

“Apple Inc filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm Inc in Beijing, alleging the chip supplier abused its clout in the chip industry and seeking 1 billion yuan ($145.32 million) in damages, Beijing’s Intellectual Property Court said in a statement on Wednesday,” Diane Bartz reports for Reuters. “Apple also filed a second lawsuit against Qualcomm which accused it of failing to live up to promises made to license ‘standard essential patents’ broadly and inexpensively.”

“The lawsuits follow a decision by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint on Jan. 17 in which it accused Qualcomm of using anticompetitive tactics to maintain its monopoly of a key semiconductor used in mobile phones,” Bartz reports. “Apple followed with a related lawsuit last Friday. It asked a federal court in California for $1 billion in promised rebates and accused Qualcomm of overcharging for chips.”

Bartz reports, “The chip maker faces legal challenges across the globe.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Qualcomm is feeling the heat now!

Qualcomm’s ridiculous licensing scheme isn’t long for this world.

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  1. Apple’s going all in on this one, probably hoping for a quick out-of-court settlement with Qualcomm. It’s like the Art of War. The greatest victory is the one you never have to fight.

  2. If it weren’t for the Intel modem chips, Apple would have zero leverage on this. Even if Qualcomm paid, they would get it back one way or another. You can thank Intel for this.

    1. I agree that having the Intel alternative chips for modems has emboldened Apple in this matter, but I very strongly suspect that this dispute is a sign that Apple is getting close to having it’s own baseband radio chip ready. When that happens, Apple would not want to pay royalties to Qualcomm which are comparable to what they pay at the moment for the entire Qualcomm chipset including royalties.

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