Why Apple is making its original TV content push now

“Everybody’s getting into the content game these days, and from a report in the Wall Street Journal this week, it appears that Apple is no exception,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “The company is said to be planning a major push into original TV programming, looking to produce ‘critically acclaimed programs like Westworld on Time Warner Inc.’s HBO or Stranger Things on Netflix.’ This is on top of the previously announced continuation of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series (albeit without Corden himself) and the rumored Dr. Dre-produced scripted show.”

“From the Journal’s report and what we’ve heard about Apple’s plans to date, it sounds as though all of the originally produced content will be made available to subscribers of the company’s $10-a-month Apple Music service,” Moren writes. “That’s a huge amount of added value for current subscribers, who (as far as we know) won’t have to pay any more to access Apple TV shows, but it also provides a good opportunity to attract more customers to the service.”

Moren writes, “Clearly there are plenty of benefits to Apple developing its own content, or at least giving it a whirl and seeing how it goes…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Spotify is going to be hating life. Plus, this not only provides more incentive to sign up/stay with Apple Music, but is also yet another reason to buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and/or Mac, especially if Apple mixes some special Continuity features and/or device exclusivity into the offering.

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    1. I disagree. If Apple invested let’s say $1-2 billion a year in television production that was only available via a mis-named “Apple Music” that would be a huge extra reason to buy an iOS device (phone, iPad, TV), and a huge extra reason to subscribe to Apple Music.

      Production at that level would make them among the biggest players (aside from sports, of course). And it’s actually not a big cheque to cut for Apple (it’s about 2 week’s profit).

      It would almost certainly pay for itself in additional subscriptions and device sales.

      They’re really the only one in this space that have that enormous advantage (hardware + subscription revenue).

    2. One thing we know for sure, everything Cook touches turns to sh*t.

      Apple is so far behind the streaming content game that it’s a joke. They need to stick to funny looking, overpriced earphones that they forced their customers to buy, via the removal of a port that basically everyone still uses daily.

      Can’t wait for Cook’s exit.

  1. Can’t wait for that shitty apple content. i don’t think apple understands the film/tv business on that side at all..

    they are content pushers.. this will end up like Ping. remember Ping?

  2. Ping:

    Apple officially closed the service on September 30, 2012, and replaced it with Facebook and Twitter integration in iTunes.[7]

    Itunes “Content”

    Apple Officially close the service on September 2018, and re-replaced it with Netflix and HBO integration.

  3. Finally! One of the two main things in the pipeline is revealed!! The other was the announcement that Lisa Jackson had joined the advisory commission researching self driving vehicles!!!
    Shame on all the faithless out there!

  4. No experience in producing content. They won’t be producing; they’ll be hiring people to produce. All the naysayers should wait until they hear who’s on board for production.

    Maybe they’ll fund a couple of Pixar exclusives, after all, that’s just a few hundred million. All those folks making negative comments really don’t have a clue what might happen.

    1. “All those folks making negative comments really don’t have a clue what might happen…”

      You could paste this comment into 90% of all MDN articles and be correct.

  5. When you have your core products humming along and being well-managed, that’s the time to take flyers.

    When you have problems and fires everywhere, that’s the time to hunker down and get back to basics without further distractions pulling you in 12 directions.

    Guess which time this is for Apple.

    1. BTW, this is, not to put a fine point on it, a time-honored reincarnation tradition at Apple.

      Guess who took this tack when he cleaned house of yet another caretaker administration that was well on the path to losing its way.

      Apple’s basics are much more extensive today, but the same principles apply.

      Back to basics – focus, focus, focus, stir in a bit of magic and a just ahead of the curve but potent idea (there’s the missing ingredient that’s all too rare in most corporations and now at Apple too).

      So. They need to beg, borrow or steal an original insanely great idea again – but mostly they need a leader with a dram of that elixir to be at the helm) and then execute (at OCD quality, with leading tech and best user experience), market, iterate, repeat…

      Simple recipe – you can buy it off the (book)shelf. Just add genius.

  6. Apple is making a push into media creation now because they have too much money and no leadership direction. Might as well follow what other electronics companies are doing, but charge more money for it because, you know, Apple is rated to have strong brand recognition.

    Amazon and Netflix are far ahead in media distribution. It is an embarrassment that Apple let its iTunes business fall apart — too high pricing, too inconvenient, crappy interface.

    Apple needs to relearn the lessons of the 1999-2010 renaissance period. Make great products first, don’t imitate what someone else has already done well.

  7. I think this is a bad idea. Apple can’t keep up with making it’s flagship computers better on a regular basis. Apple TV is still just a hobby. I think they will get lost as a hardware and software company if they go this way.

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