What’s Apple going to ax next?

“I can see why there won’t be anymore AirPorts. Apple probably isn’t selling enough units to make a difference, and the market they pioneered is no longer viable for so many players,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “So what is Apple going to ax next?”

“Certainly speculation is rife with possibilities. What about the Mac Pro?” Steinberg writes. “Despite its low sales — and I’m assuming they are low for obvious reasons — there is a loyal market for the Mac Pro. It’s just a matter of what Apple needs to do to continue to serve that market, whether it involves a new design, or keeping the present one with newer parts.”

“In an email to a reader, I predicted there would be another Mac refresh in the spring of 2017, after more versions of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors are available. Certainly the iMac will get some love, but it’s less certain about the Mac mini and the Mac Pro,” Steinberg writes. “It would just take a couple of sentences from Tim Cook to address Mac user contains, and such a statement is long overdue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple under Tim Cook may not be confused, but they sure as hell look like they are.

We have one question that keeps popping up:

Why can’t a company with 120,000 employees — the world’s most valuable company, in fact — manage to make not only a wholly new iPhone annually (other, far lesser companies manage to do it), but also keep their Mac lineup fresh, have a new 4K Apple TV for Christmas 2016, design an Apple TV remote that looks and feels like a human being tested it for five minutes before it went into production, have new iPads ready for the holiday shopping season, etcetera?

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    1. Cook reminds me of the Democrat party that didn’t listen to the working people that built the United States…Cook isn’t listening to the artists, writers, film editors, musicians, journalists, architects, all loyal customers that built Apple.

      1. Give me a break. Apple is doing just fine. Look at the financials. Any other company would love to have their profits and financial picture.

        Apple is innovating on many fronts; you just won’t see it because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

        Under Jobs, how many years did Apple milk the iPod lineup, offering only incremental innovation? That was when the iPod was their bread and butter. I remember when one year the big deal was that the iPod added the ability to play video! Ooh…aah…that was really a big leap.

        Also, products hit a design maturity. A car is going to be the same basic design no matter what, even if internal technologies change. A laptop is going to be the same basic design. A smartphone is going to be the same basic design of a flat touchscreen of a certain basic range of sizes.

        Apple is more the victim of unrealistic expectations among some, where every year they are supposed to move heaven and earth and come up with some earth shattering product. That’s not reality; it wasn’t under Steve, it won’t be under Cook or anyone else.

          1. I like the products that Apple already has…my iPhone 7 Plus is great, the iPad Pro is wonderful with the Apple pencil…great for drawing and graphic arts…the new MBP seems really nice with the touch bar, very fast and responsive.

            And it will only get better over time…

      2. Eugene, we know that you put some paltry sum of money into AAPL and want your money to triple is a month but the stock market is not controlled by Cook or Apple. There is a feeling that has been washing over the market that Apple cannot keep at the top of its game forever (even though it does) and that this quarter (has been called for the last 20 quarters) is the one where Apple will suddenly BlackBerry.

        Get out of the market if you think you can buy money. Work for a living.

    2. I also hope MDN rids itself of dickblood72.

      Now watch peterblood use his rating hack to suddenly give me 50 negative votes and himself 100 positive. We can all see what you’re doing… you pathetic POS!

    3. I fear this may be the case, but I certainly hope not. IF we can’t have what we really want (mini, mid, server, Pro), then I’d like to see them merge the Pro and mini. Give it a larger form factor than the mini and allow it to be priced/spec’d from entry level to server/pro. One box to rule them all.

  1. Next to ax? Personal privacy.

    Apple is starting to look like just another money-grubbing corporation. How many corporations in the UK will stop their government from implementing the new security measures? Not one, and that includes Apple.

    Tim Cook will make a secret deal to give the NSA a back door, and Apple will sell it as some kind of advanced security feature.

    Just another reason not to put your secrets into anybody’s “cloud.”

    1. This is one of the few things that keep me in the Apple ecosystem. I still like Apple because of the ecosystem, it is no longer the hardware. And my belief that Apple will better protect me in their ecosystem than Google will in their ecosystem keeps me loyal to Apple.

      But if Apple looses me with privacy, well, crap, everything is falling to pieces. Why is Apple making such weird decisions lately?

            1. Yes…Cook is really gutting the company…they keep making record profits…adding to their cash reserves…still the most valuable company on the planet…

              I am sure most companies wish they had a CEO that gutted the company like Cook has to Apple.

            2. son, you’re just not paying attention…the problem is a girl was sent to do a man’s job and now the fruitlessness of that decision is just now manifesting itself, as you’ll see in the next quarterly report and the next and the next.

            3. I’ll make another prediction, that huge concrete and glass doughnut in SF will be a veritable millstone around the neck of Apple. It will haunt them for decades to come.

  2. Funny how MDN take has come around since this article and being lambasted by the commenters. To MDN’s credit, at least they are not tone deaf, like Apple.

    Apple has missed the plot in myriad ways or something

    From that article…
    “Apple in 2009 had about 34,000 employees, and spent 1.33B on R&D, about 1/4 IBM’s budget. It updated: iPods, iPhone, laptops, iMacs, Mac minis, Airports, Mac Pros, iLife, iWork, iOS, macOS, and introduced the iPad (a few months into 2010), etc.; and it updated it all annually.

    Apple today has about 4X the employees. Apple spent $10B on god knows what (about 2x IBM’s budget (pdf)). And what do we get for it?”

  3. The  product line is becoming commoditized as  computers become sealed, unable to be upgraded by the user. The ‘Pro’ being in Pro models are the Corporate professional, and the prosumer. The motivation for commoditizing seems to be profit margins; the accountants are in charge. The  ecosystem is evolving, the macOS line is dying, iOS will replace it. Hope I am wrong. I’d like to se the macOS line continue with real Pro models that are user upgradable. Are you listening !?

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