Apple has missed the plot in myriad ways or something

“This reminds me a bit of when Steve Jobs was hawking DVD drives on iMacs when everyone wanted to rip and burn CDs; he then course corrected a bit later admitting the mistake,” John Kheit writes for The Mac Observer. “It also reminds me of how Apple was tone deaf to users asking for larger screens on the iPhones. Instead of listening, Apple gave us only a slightly longer 4″ iPhone 5 (assuring us we didn’t know what we wanted, that one handed use is where it’s at), rather than listening to our needs. In each case, Apple eventually bought a clue, course corrected, and was rewarded with far improved sales.”

“They’ve lost the plot that we don’t need thinner iPhones but more battery,” Kheit writes. “They’ve lost the plot that creative professionals don’t need powerful Mac Pros with video cards, storage and other feature expansion abilities, and have fed them a disposable trash can.”

“Microsoft’s Surface Studio is cool in theory and in hardware, but after playing with one, I think Apple dodged a bullet. First, outside the apps made/updated for the 28″ touch screen, Surface Studio with Windows 10 still has the wrong interface ‘recipe.’ This is much like Microsoft’s original Tablet PC was the right idea with the wrong implementation, and which was subsequently usurped by the iPad’s right recipe,” Kheit writes. “Multi-mode UI (e.g., voice, touch and desktop PC) convergence will occur. It’s not a question of ‘if’ but when, by whom, and with what recipe. TLDR; Apple, get your ass in gear and add touch to your computers or suffer the consequences; for reference, see blackberry [sic].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Speciousness topped with a dollop of overbearing hyperbole.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is a pricey gimmick that will be used by a handful of people (many of them paid to do so, à la the NFL with Surface tablets) while Apple’s Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros will be in the hands of multiple millions of users within the first 90 days of availability.

And, oh, by the way: For all intents and purposes, the desktop is dead.

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    1. Completely agree. My MacBook Pro is in need for an upgrade but I was underwhelmed with its specs. Don’t understand why the MacBook Pro needs to be forever thinner instead of providing what’s needed for pro users.
      A bit of extra thickness could have got us a better memory controller to handle 32gb ram, maybe improved battery life and certainly a couple different ports instead of dongle-gate.
      The pricing could have been sharper too but I’m happy to spread the cost over a few years.
      Yes, I know, it’s great moving forward but I’m not convinced removing features pros need was necessary on the latest MacBook Pro.

  1. @dr.sparemachinery, I agree. I was really looking forward to updating my 2013 model. I still will but without the enthusiasm expected. It will be def. better, faster, smaller than my MBP but not by much. I also have to invest in new USB-C adapters for my eternal drives, monitor, etc… Ugh…
    Touch bar seems gimmicky but I’ll only know once I start using it. meh…

  2. Well I think he is spot on and Apples refusal to see it rather than lead it as they should have pains me. I have seen MDN parrot its views on such various matters for years, done times it has been right but often it had been wrong like music streaming and even the penetration of Android which we were lectured was do different Ho the PC experience.

    On touch I fear that the combination of touch screen and traditional input will eventually be the norm unless and until something bigger and better takes over, if there is such an innovation possible. Certainly till the sophistication of touch gets to a point where touch keyboards feel like real ones and the pre idiot of a cursor can be completely replicated. Apple seems to be looking at that endgame rather than this dual solution, but the trouble is progress getting there seems slow at best and there is no certainty as yet it can be acheived in the foreseeable future. And then of course you have to hope the developers decide to support iOS as they do the Mac, no sign of Adobe doing that as yet and that’s not helped by Apple shortsightedly abandoning much of its own pro apps to help force them to do so.

    If the touch/trad combo gains traction in whatever form, then sadly the PC world may regain the high ground well before any potential Apple specialist tablet competitor can get there, and the PC status quo is sadly restored in the meantime rather than marginised. I agree the Surface studio seems a bit of a dead end beyond some top end pros where such a combo desktop is a better solution than two separate devices at least potentially. In all honesty it’s about drumming up excitement, mindshare and then taking aspects into lesser machines over the next 5 years. And of course the studio is unlikely to make them any money directly but it’s value is on-going interest in the PC platform expecially at the top end just as Apple looks to be shunning it. If Apple is doggedly going to refute touch as useful on the desktop and laptop screens, then it has to articulate a far better alternative than the touchbar promises alone. At the moment I cannot visualise one until you have can do it all as I describe. Yes finger marks aren’t ideal on screens but then the PC brigade used that as an argument against the iPad and where’s that argument now. So getting back to MDN I am not convinced their argument here will be a Deal breaker either, especially over the years as things, at least potentially improve. Let’s be honest MDN’s own solution of iOS tablet connecting to macOS keyboard would suffer the exact same problem.

    1. Don’t forget that 8 or 9 years ago an Apple-approved touchscreen version of the MacBook was introduced: the ModBook.

      I had one. It worked as designed and was popular with graphic artists. At the time I was doing a lot of scrawls of chemical and math equations, and rough sketches of lab equipment. It served that purpose well, and there was a good app for recognition of cursive handwriting.

      But most of my work was best done with the ModBook upright on a bookstand, using a Bluetooth keyboard. The ergonomics of touchscreen for text entry, spreadsheet entry or database work is simply lousy. Really, really lousy!

      That’s why I got Apple’s cover with keyboard for my 12.9″ iPad Pro. I still do my heavy duty work on my 15″ MacBook Pro. 🙂

    2. I want touch on my 65″ LCD TV because it would be really cool like a Microsoft product, and it would force me to get up off the couch like that awesome Microsoft Kinect, which unfortunately has gone the way of the Zune. People just don’t recognize the innovative brilliance of Microsoft, the fools.

  3. Apple’s Touchbar is a pricey gimmick that will be used by a handful of people (many of them paid to do so, Dorks on Apples TV and streaming show.) while Microsofts Surface touch will dominate 3d and animation studios by the end of the year.. IE, the Pro’s who do pro graphic design.. the original customers Apple targetted.. Back in the day. Not the snobby bloggers who know how to use a text editor and wordpress.

  4. This seems like pretty good analysis. While I would have loved an updated Mac Pro (finally stopped hoping and bought a used 2013 Mac Pro today), Apple’s non-iPhone/Watch business is no longer a priority. It’s unfortunate, but it’s been a long time since Apple was willing to make incremental updates to most of its product. How hard would it be to put newer ports and components in an existing iMac or Mac Pro once a year and change the form factor every 3 years? It’s not a question of ability, it’s a question of interest. The stock market wants proof of future growth potential and Apple has calculated where that’s going to come from.

  5. I am very, very sad to admit that Icannot defend Apple’s strategy here as I always do. I don’t give a damn about thin, a damn watch, or car/ I am a Creative Pro who needs more than a MBP. There are many of us, far more than MDN realizes- if Apple loses that market as well as education then the future doesn’t look so bright. I’d hate to go Windows- right now I refuse to, but I fear that’s where the next generation will be at. Apple and Microsoft will switch places. And that’s Not cool.

  6. After hemming and hawing over the weekend I canceled by MacBook Pro. $3200 is to costly to be buying dongles. Stupid of you Apple. They are not listening to users.

  7. I knew somebody who bought an all in one HP desktop that had a touchscreen when the Windows 8 came out.

    He never used the touch screen. It was just too inconvenient to reach up to the monitor while you’re sitting at your desk. The keyboard and mouse are much closer.

  8. Except the desktop isn’t dead especially for people who need real performance. As pretty as the new macbook pros are they don’t nearly the juice that I need to get work done.

    1. So you are in mainframe… Heu, quantic calculation… Heu, 3D modeling…Heu, gaming…

      Sorry Sir, you are looking at the wrong computer for your needs…

      Step aside…

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