MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘hello again’ October 27th special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will be holding their “hello again” special event at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT today, October 27th.

The special event will take place at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California.

It is widely expected that Apple today will unveil new Macs! FINALLY!!!

Apple’s special event will be webcast live by Apple here.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s special event presentation right here on this page. So, just open both the webcast and this page so you can watch and comment live!

Apple’s ‘hello again’ October 27th special event live notes:

• End of event
• Cook thanks Apple employees and media for attending
• Cook reviews Apple’s product lineup for the holiday season

• Cook shows new MacBook Pro ad (an actual Mac ad! (Now, actually air it, Apple!))
• Can be ordered today. Touch Bar models start shipping in 2-3 weeks
• Base config prices:
– 13-inch w/o Touch Bar or Touch ID: $1499
– 13-inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID: $1799
– 13-inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID: $2399
• So, there are 3 models of the MacBook Pro
• New MacBook Pro is thinner than MacBook Air, MacBook Pro is 13% smaller in volume that MBA, same 3lb. weight
• Apple is making a model of the 13-inch MBP with traditional function keys and two Thunderbolt 3 ports
• Apple will continue to offer the 13-inch MacBook Air
• These are the best notebooks ever for high-end pro customers
• The new MacBook Pro is 6.8 million times faster than the first PowerBook (one full year of compute time on original PowerBook and be accomplished in 5 seconds on the new MBP)
• Up to 10 hours of battery life for both 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro
• MacBook Pro introductory video. Cue Jony Ive!

• DJ Pro demo…
• Adobe Photoshop with Touch Bar support due before year-end
• Adobe created a mode just for brush control for the new Touch Bar
• Adobe Photoshop demo… two hands working in concert on huge new trackpad and Touch Bar with eyes always up on screen
• Final Cut Pro demo…

• 15-inch MBP can drive dual 5K displays along with its 15-inch Retina display
• Both the 13- and 15-inch models have 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports (supports USB 3.1 Gen 2, Display Port 1.2) – any port can be your charger port or any other port
• 13-inch model can be outfitted with Intel 15 or i7, Intel Iris graphics (64MB eDRAM)
• Speakers put out more volume with twice the dynamic range as previous model
• Whole new thermal architecture
• Superfast SSD: 3.1 GB/s
• Radeon Pro (AMD Polaris) graphics
• Intel Core i7, Quad-core, 2133MHz memory
• MacBook Pro: best display ever in a Mac; 67% brighter, 67% contrast ratio, 25% more colors
• Xcode lest devs use Touch Bar in their own apps
• Even Terminal has Touch Bar support
• Shared Macs and fast user switch using Touch ID
• Touch Bar is, of course, customizable based on user preference
• AAPL: 114.99, -0.60 (-0.52%) @ 1:47 PM EDT
• “This is the smart way to have Multi-Touch on your personal computer, as opposed to the stupidity of smearing fingers all over your Retina display” – MDN Ed.
• You can quickly edit images via Touch Bar
• You can scrub video with Touch Bar
• Touch Bar is very useful in Photos
• Hair Force One buys a copper meditation pyramid
• In Safari, TouchBar shows previews of multiple tabs
• QuickType can suggest replacement emoji (like on iPhone/iPad) right in Touch Bar
• Touch Bar is hugely useful
• In Mail – predictions for where you might want to file email, based on past use – right in Magic Toolbar
• Virtual sliders for volume and brightness
• When you hold the Function Key, you get all Function Keys displayed
• All system controls all still there when in Finder (Siri gets dedicated key)
• Craig Federighi demos the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar…
• Login, Apple Pay – directly from your Mac
• Touch ID comes to the Mac

• No other personal computer has this
• QuickType suggestions show up
• Photos tools show up when using Photos
• Please put MacDailyNews into your Safari favs, so we show up in your Touch Bar!
• Touch Bar adapts to whatever software you are using
• Say hello to the Retina display, multi-touch Apple Touch Bar
• Apple is killing Function Keys
• For over 45 years we’ve had Function Keys
• Function keys gone: Function key requiem
• Butterfly switch keyboard (2nd ge. butterfly, more responsive)
• New Force Touch trackpad, 2X larger (state of the art)
• 15-inch: Weighs just 4lbs.
• 15-inch: 20% smaller in volume
• 15-inch: 15.5mm thin, 14% thinner
• All metal (aluminum) design
• 13-inch: Weighs just 3 lbs.
• 13-inch: 23% smaller in volume (a huge difference)
• 13-inch: 14.9mm thin, 17% thinner
• This is the new gold standard in notebook standard: Available in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes in Silver and Space Gray
• Phil Schiller takes the stage to explain the new generation of MacBook Pro
• Cook: This is the new MacBook Pro and it is absolutely incredible
• MacBook Pro with Magic Toolbar video
• Apple redefining the notebook again…
• Apple: First trackpad, first notebook with built-in Wi-Fi – first unibody, first retina display in a notebook
• First notebook with a pointing device and keyboard forward design – all others followed
• Cook: This week happens to be a huge week in the history of the Mac and in the history of Apple: The 25th anniversary of Apple’s first notebook (first PowerBook)
• Universal Clipboard, Siri, etc.
• macOS Sierra features review…
• The Mac is so incredibly important to us – and to the world
• Cook: Next, something dear to all of us at Apple: The Mac

• Cook: “Now with the TV app, there’s really no reason to watch TV anywhere else.”
• TV app is free, comes in update by the end of this year
• The new TV app for tvOS and iOS: One place to discover and enjoy TV shows and movies
• “What other football games are on now?” Siri shows full list of all available games
• “Watch the Louisville game.” Siri knows which app has the game and turns on live action
• Siri can tune in live when you say “Watch CBS News”
• Siri can control “TV” app, too. Just ask for what you want
• TV app is for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and syncs across all of your Apple devices
• “Store” is the iTunes Store and apps with content
• “Library” holds all of your iTunes purchases and rentals in one place
• TV and Movie spotlights – hand-curated suggestions of what you might like
• One place to go for everything I’m watching
• “Watch Now” shows your favs from across all of your apps
• TV app demo…
• TV app will completely change how you watch TV
• Apple announces new app: “TV”
• Cook: Unified TV experience
• We want Apple TV to be the one place to access all of your television
• Cook: This is a greta example of the power of Apple TV and how apps are changing television
• Thursday Night Football with Twitter feed, audience polls about the game alongside
• New category of apps is emerging: interactive video. Twitter on Apple TV demo…
• Minecraft coming to Apple TV before year-end
• In just one year, there are now 8,000 Apple TV apps
• The future of TV is apps
• Apple TV…

• Apple Watch Nike+ hits stores tomorrow – the best smartwatch for runners
• Great response to Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3

• Apple offers the best and easiest way to get around Japan
• Support for Japan transit maps in iOS 10.1
• Apple Pay launched in Japan this week.

• Depth effect examples from users shown
• iOS 10.1 now offers Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus users with Depth Effect
• Over 60% already using iOS 10 (vs. fragmandroid’s latest is not even at 1%)
• iOS 10: The world’s most advanced operating system
• 400 million Memories have been viewed by users
• Cook reviews Memories feature of Apple’s Photos app
• Cook shows off some iPhone 7/Plus photos
• iPhone 7/Plus – very well reviewed

• It’s incredibly humbling to see the amazing things people do with our products every day.
• Apple launching new Accessibility website today
• Apple teams work had to make products accessible for everyone
• Tim Cook takes the stage to applause “Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning!”
• Opening video – Apple and accessibility, helping the disabled; technology designed for everyone
• Event to begin shortly…
• AAPL: 114.99, -0.60 (-0.52%) @ 1:00 PM EDT
• Awaiting start of event

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    1. The explanation is that Apple gives not a shit about you. The picture of the Mac family had no Mac mini and no Mac Pro of any kind- only laptops and the iMac.

      They already dropped the server HW and turned the Server SW into a toy. They FUBARed or abandoned the Pro apps and dubbed down the iWork apps so they would align with iOS versions. They have $3 Billion to buy out a me too music rental scheme and crappy headphone outfit but no money to give us a decent Pro Desktop.

      At a supposedly Mac centric event the first half hour was spent on the Apple TV and iOS- not the Mac. Tim wants you to buy a watch, rent your music and your iPhone, subscribe to iCloud and go be a DJ or something.The attitude projected is “if you want a Desktop you must not be one of the cool kids”.

  1. This was worse than my worst expectations! Not even a mention of iMac much less Mac Pro and mini!

    AND – if you ever read any of the Mac boards would you ever start off talking about thiness and showing off emojis??

  2. I guess the desktop as thought of by the old timers is dead.

    Own a laptop and plug it in to everything. Okay, but what if you want to do something else, APPLE?

    I like the laptops, every cool. And the bar is nice too. But, geez, what about the lowly number freaks that want a Mac Pro?

    I was wanting until the end hoping he was going to say, “and one more thing.”

    Hmmm. Too bad.

  3. Aaaargh! Nerd Rage! No love for desktops!

    Actually, I’m pretty disappointed. No new desktop Macs until at least spring. No Mac Pro ever again? What do all the people that already have aging desktops and external displays buy? A laptop?

    If the touch bar is so cool and useful, how come they didn’t invent a keyboard for the desktop models that has it baked in?

  4. I’m guessing the RAM isn’t user upgradeable, no info on iMac, Mini a,d Prfo, obviously the Mac is not that important after all. Way to go listening to your customers Apple…not.

    Frankly disapointed, I knew I would be.

  5. Ok, so no 17 inch models, no MacPro updates, no escape key, nothing really new. Oh man do I miss Steve. Apple better get rid of this idiot before they break something and it is un-fixable.
    BTW the current MacPros suck. Where are my old silver MacPro’s with expandable PCI slots. Apple is losing focus.

  6. Massive MASSIVE fail from Apple.
    No Mac Pro.
    No mini.
    No updates on the Air.
    So the Mac buyers guide on MacRumors has ONE less Do Not Buy.

    Never been so disappointed in Apple.
    That was a waste of my time.

    1. Sadly, I agree as well. It is behavior like this that, if repeated over time, dooms a company. I’m sure I don’t need to provide examples as there are too many to mention. Come back to us Steve. Apple needs you more than ever.

  7. I do worry they are focusing a little too much on their belly buttons and trying to figure out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    There are a lot of people out there doing “ordinary” work who are looking for more than that bar. Don’t get me wrong, the bar is cool as are the laptops, but a bunch of us are unlikely to use it, at least I think so at this point, and instead, really could have used a bone thrown to us in the form of a desktop muscle machine. I’m looking for a machine that takes advantage of all the latest chip technology and will blow the doors off my office. I want calculating power. I’m sure we are small in number, nonetheless, we an important niche for more reasons than sales.

  8. That was underwhelming. After years of virtually all Mac hardware languishing this is the best they can muster – a couple of laptops.
    If Apple has lost interest in building leading edge computers, which appears to be the case, perhaps it’s time to open up Mac OS to other hardware manufacturers.

  9. This isn’t rocket science. Take the new MBPs and add:
    12 and 13 inch MacBooks with slower specs and no touchbar
    engineer a magsafe solution
    introduce redesigned mac(mini), mac pro, and iMac
    engineer a external keyboard with touchbar
    update to airport and time capsule as IoT hub with Siri
    Make your own displays
    Set pricing tiers below the stratosphere

    That’s Apple’s new lineup. You’re welcome, Tim.

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