Gloom falls over beleaguered Samsung as phone group faces lost bonuses and jobs

“The people who make Samsung phones are an elite bunch,” Joel Hruska reports for ExtremeTech. “They hold the most coveted jobs at the most valuable company within Samsung Group, the largest and most prestigious conglomerate in South Korea.”

“But the sense of exceptionalism was smashed last week as Samsung Electronics Co. took the unprecedented step of killing off an entire generation of its Note 7 smartphone after persistent problems with battery fires and explosions,” Hruska reports. “Now the 26,600 workers in Korea who were celebrated for taking the company’s profit and brand to new heights are seen as responsible for the worst crisis in Samsung Electronics’s 47-year history. A sense of gloom has descended, employees say, describing the episode as sad and tragic.”

MacDailyNews Take: How can you have a “sense of exceptionalism” when your entire outfit is based on peddling iPhone knockoffs to the ignorati? Normal, properly raised people would have nothing but a “sense of embarrassment.”

And now, regardless of how they arrived here, they do.

Karma always prevails.

“The division has often received the biggest bonuses within Samsung Group, typically about half of base salary, and employees now suspect they may get nothing. Some senior executives will likely lose their jobs too, including perhaps chief D.J. Koh,” Hruska reports. “Now, employees are fretting the fallout from their role in such an expensive hit to Samsung’s once-sterling reputation… Workers say the debacle has caused soul searching inside the company. ‘It’s sad and shameful at the same time,’ said another employee in the mobile unit. ‘Wherever I go now, people ask me things like, ‘Is everything okay? I hear the company is in big trouble.’ It’s a big lesson for us.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung has been nothing but sad and shameful for many, many years.

It’s best not to mess with karma. — Steve Jobs

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

By the way, here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

And, for good measure, here’s what cellphones looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

People who buy Android phones and tablets reward thieves.

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    1. Too effin’ bad when your engineering and quality control doesn’t do their research and just copies other vendors and makers and doesn’t totally understand the “what” and “why” of just exactly what companies like Apple does and what Apple knows.

      Copiers rarely understand all of what they are copying.

  1. Worrying about no Bonuses!

    What about worrying about no Jail Time?

    A company sells a product that self immolates. Ooppss.

    That company recalls and replaces that product with a replacement that, wait for it, still sets fire to itself!

    And no one at Samsung is going to get any jail time over this?

    People have been grievously injured. Cars and homes have been severely damaged. A FIRE BROKE OUT ON A LOADED AIRLINER!!!

    It’s not going to be any Samsung President or department head but someone somewhere should be made to pay with some jail time if for no other reason than to serve as an example.

    I know Hell’s going to freeze over sooner than that’s going to happen. But a boy can dream.

    1. If jail time were a possibility you can bet it would be a scape goat low rank wage slave getting locked up.

      You don’t think the rich SOBs at the top who orchestrated this IP thieving cartel are gonna spend a day in jail do you?

      CEOs sound clueless when put to the burner over this stuff. They’ll appear to be clueless victims who had no idea such high risk decisions were being made downstream.

  2. An elite group of copy artists getting their just rewards.

    Samsung has engineering chops and they certainly have manufacturing capabilities.

    They could be so much more if they were just…. ORIGINAL.. .

  3. they are ‘fretting’ over loss bonuses and ’embarrassment’.

    I’m fretting over the 1 million S7 notes still in the hands of idiots. Recently came back from a trip where I took 6 flights, some over the pacific with no airport for hours over water…
    Instead of returning them Android idiots are posting on forums how to overcome security checks by hiding the phones in luggage etc.


    all i hear is how worried Samsung is about lost PROFITS etc, compared to profits which I rate at 10, public safety is like a 0.005.

    governments should ban all samsung products until they post full page ads in all major media telling people that Note 7s are shitty dangerous.

    1. least people think I’m being too much remember when Apple lost a PATENT dispute with Samsung in the UK, the judge ordered Apple to post APOLOGIES IN PUBLICATIONS with a BIG typeface size specified by the judge (the judge wasn’t satisfied and asked Apple to REDO and REPOST the apologies ). This was just a patent case with no public safety issues.

      surely in this exploding POS phone case where there are hundreds of incidents reported courts should order samsung to post press, TV etc ads. etc to warn the public. and keep posting them until ALL phones are accounted as returned or disposed (or at least until the 1 million number is cut to a small fraction – i understand that 100% of most things is impossible ).

    2. Samsung should insist that the carriers turn off cell service to anyone using the S7note. They can tell who is still using them.

      Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) you can be held legally responsible for damage or deaths if you continue to keep your service on for these phones.

  4. My problem with Samesong isn’t that it competes with Apple by copy-cheating, it is that the company is founded in criminal corruption: “Tax evasion, bribery and price-fixing: How Samsung became the giant that ate Korea
    A new president has been sworn in – but as she takes office, the humiliation of an MP who took on the might of Samsung appears to show where the real power lies in South Korea

  5. Glad this came back to bite them. They cut corners on proper safety testing. I suspect law suits will be forth coming as a result of all this. Unfortunately, Samsung will have learned nothing from all this except that it is just part of doing business. They put people lives at risk and they deserve all the bad press and lost sells that can happen. Not the first instance by Samsung to put people’s lives at risk, there exploding top loader washing machines are another example. Where is the congressional investigation on this like would be happening if this were Apple.

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